Warehouse Solutions


We offer completely turn-key warehouse solutions covering every part of warehouse design and management. If you are looking to build a new warehouse, we can come inspect the site and design a facility that will meet the needs of your operation and will be suited for the types of products you’ll be moving. From there, we can install everything from pallet racks to mezzanines. Need something repaired in your existing warehouse? We can send a team of specialists in to take a look and get anything from picking systems to shelving as good as new.

Looking to upgrade your warehouse design, storage, or product flow? Fairchild Equipment provides a wide range of custom warehouse solutions to fit your unique business needs. We provide turnkey services, from warehouse design and planning all the way up through installation. At Fairchild Equipment, our solutions provide a safer, more efficient workspace to maintain and maximize storage capacity.

Warehouse Products

We have the equipment you need to help your warehouse reach maximum efficiency. We have a huge variety of storage systems, including pallet racking, handling systems, and static picking systems that can be customized to make the best use of the space available. We also have ergonomic products to make long hours in the warehouse more comfortable and productive for your staff, as well as vertical storage options to fully utilize every square foot in your warehouse. View all our warehouse products and equipment here.

Fairchild Equipment offers a wide range of warehouse products to increase efficiency and safety for your business. Maximize your capabilities with pallet racking systems, storage and handling systems, mezzanines and platforms, ergonomic products, and more. Our specialists are here to help find the best products and solutions for your unique business needs.

Customer Story

See how our warehouse team and Keytronic worked together to achieve return on investment (ROI) within just one year of designing and installing a vertical lift module (VLM) to store and retrieve parts.

Keytronic vertical lift module