Efficiency is what separates top tier operations from the rest

Maximizing uptime and performance, and strategically cutting down on costs can boost return on investment (ROI) and profits. To help you achieve your business goals, we will perform a thorough analysis to understand your operation and then use that data to make technology recommendations tailored to your specific needs. We can also help educate and provide solutions for business priorities such as safety and sustainability initiatives. Take your operation to the next level with some of the advanced technologies offered by Fairchild Equipment at all our locations.

Smart Fleet

Our proprietary Smart Fleet software puts warehouse fleet management at your fingertips. With an intuitive dashboard, you can easily and remotely monitor operational and ownership metrics to find opportunities for improvement as well as cost savings. Smart Fleet measures service work orders, rentals, and more to help identify equipment concerns and determine how to reduce unnecessary expenditures.

Fleet Monitoring

Forklift and construction equipment telemetry and wireless asset management can improve safety and performance for any operation. Fairchild Equipment offers Hyster Tracker, Yale Vision, and JCB Live Link telematics. With impact cameras, you can see exactly what happened in the event of an accident. Battery Tracker and Battery Vision help make the most efficient use of batteries, extend their operational life, and communicate any issues back to monitoring computers.

Power Technology

Better power sources mean more efficient uptime for your fleet, a lower carbon footprint, and more cost savings. Li-ion (lithium-ion) and hydrogen fuel cells deliver more consistent power, dramatically faster charging speeds, and require fewer batteries to keep your fleet going to free up valuable space in your facility.

Robotic Forklifts, Cleaning & Material Handling Equipment

Using automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to fulfill repetitive, complicated tasks can free up staff to work on more valuable tasks, help with skilled labor shortages, and cut costs. Balyo, Hyster, and Yale autonomous forklifts are great for retrieval and storage tasks, and can be easily integrated into other automated warehouse systems such as conveyors, automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), and docks. Robotic floor cleaning equipment can improve safety in your facility by keeping floors cleaned from debris. Learn more about how robotics can benefit your business here.

Warehouse Automation

Fairchild Equipment offers integrated systems through state-of-the art material handling technologies to enhance your warehouse operations through automated systems. Automated pallet shuttle systems, vertical lift modules (VLMs), and conveyors can all provide big returns on investment for labor savings, increased order throughput, and operational efficiencies. 


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