If you work in a warehouse or a worksite using material handling equipment, you understand the importance of a highly functional forklift. These machines are essential for improving material throughput and maintaining productivity. That’s why it’s vital to book forklift maintenance services and forklift repairs near you to ensure that your trucks operate efficiently at all times.

At Fairchild Equipment, we offer expert forklift repair and maintenance services in the Midwest region. Our team of highly trained technicians is committed to providing dynamic, comprehensive customer experiences every time.

The Material Handling Service Experts

Fairchild Equipment offers comprehensive preventative maintenance, interval service and emergency repairs for all major makes and models of material handling equipment.

We don’t just work on forklifts. Our factory-trained technicians are certified and experienced in servicing all major equipment manufacturers including Hyster, Yale, Genie, JCB, Mahindra and others. With continued training, our technicians are always up-to-date on how to work on all the latest equipment using only best practices. As part of our service offerings, we can perform extensive inspections to help ensure the safety of the equipment as well as to identify any small problems that may become bigger, more costly problems later on in its service life.

We service and repair aerial liftstractorsconstruction equipment and other types of material handling equipment. We are committed to providing the best customer service by responding to your service request quickly and providing fast and accurate fulfillment. Contact us today to speak with our service department.

Types of Equipment We Service

Our skilled, knowledgeable technicians have the experience required to service your most valuable machines. Whether you come to us for electric forklift repairs, boom truck services or scissor lift maintenance, we have the resources and expertise needed to get the job done right.

We deliver repair and maintenance services for all of the following equipment:

  • Forklifts: LP, gas, diesel, DC and AC electric forklifts of all makes and models
  • Yard spotters: Ottawa & Capacity
  • Railcar movers: Rail King & Trac Mobile
  • Aerial equipment: Platform, boom lifts, scissors lifts of all makes and models
  • Personnel carriers: Taylor-Dunn, Columbia Cart and Motrec
  • Motorized pallet jacks: All makes and models
  • Ag & Construction Equipment: All makes and models

Trusted Forklift Service With Quick Turn-Arounds

Technician repairing Yale forklift.

Fairchild Equipment understands how critical it is to prevent and minimize downtime in the material handling industry. To keep your equipment consistently operating its best, we offer a complete range of forklift maintenance services with fast response times and a 90%+ first-time fix rate. We perform preventive maintenance, mobile tire pressing, refurbishing services, adjustments, lubrication and repairs. We can custom tailor a preventive service plan based on your specific needs, to help you minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

To make it as easy as possible for you, we will come pick your equipment up and drop it off at your location when it’s ready or perform service onsite at your location. Call your nearest Fairchild Equipment dealership to schedule an appointment today.

Guaranteed On-Time Preventative Maintenance Programs For Material Handling Equipment

Oil Change Service for Material Handling Equipment.

Our preventive maintenance programs are built on manufacturers’ recommended service intervals. As part of this, all major service deltas including 250/500 hour and 1000/4000 hour are addressed to ensure proper manufacturer warranty coverage and to help you maintain OSHA-compliant documentation regarding adhering to proper preventative maintenance schedule completion. 

At each interval, we perform thorough inspections of all major systems and components, including the battery, fluids, the mast-carriage platform and electrical. To add to this, we guarantee on-time maintenance at the correct interval, per the manufacturer’s schedule, to help ensure safety of operations, reduce overall repair costs, minimize downtime and ultimately put your mind at ease.

24/7 Mobile Emergency Forklift and Material Handling Equipment Repair

Fairchild Equipment Company Service Road Technician Van.

We are committed to maximizing your uptime because we know there’s nothing worse than a machine unexpectedly breaking down on you. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency forklift and material handling equipment repair. We have a fleet of service vans ready to come to you; anywhere, any time. Whether it just won’t start or a failed part needs to be replaced, we can diagnose and fix most issues on site. While your equipment is being serviced, we offer easy-to-reserve rentals to help mitigate being impacted by equipment shortages. Reach out today to have a forklift tech dispatched directly to your location.

Mobile Tire Press Services

Mobile tire press services.

To help maximize uptime and productivity, we offer mobile tire press services. We have service vans equipped to come to your facility, perform a free tire inspection and replace any trucks’ tires necessary. Our mobile forklift tire replacement services include both pneumatic and cushion tires to help keep your fleet moving.

The Benefits of Forklift Maintenance Services and Repairs

Regular machine servicing is necessary for any fleet, and your material handling equipment is no exception. Whether your forklift needs repairs or routine maintenance, Fairchild Equipment is here to help. With expert assistance from dependable technicians, you can feel confident that your machines are in good hands.

Some of the many advantages of regularly servicing your equipment include:

  • Identifying potential problems: With routine equipment upkeep, you can catch minor issues early and get the necessary assistance to prevent them from growing into more serious problems in the future. You’ll benefit from greater safety and cost savings in the long term.
  • Extending service life: Thorough maintenance and repairs lead to increased service life for your forklifts, meaning you’ll get the most value from your investments.
  • Minimizing downtime: Forklift services enable you to prevent unexpected breakdowns that can lead to considerable downtime for your company. 
  • Reducing expenses: When you book forklift services, you minimize the risk of expensive equipment failures and costly repairs.
  • Improving performance: Regularly serviced machines operate at maximum efficiency, resulting in increased performance and productivity on the work site.

Why Choose Fairchild Equipment for Forklift Repairs Near You?

We’re dedicated to providing our customers with innovative solutions that set the standard for quality and dependability. We’re focused on delivering the most value with every solution we offer, helping companies boost productivity, efficiency and safety while minimizing operating costs.

We perform every forklift sale and service with the following values in mind:

  • Safety
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Community involvement
  • Employee respect
  • Family values

Book Forklift Services Today

You can schedule reliable, efficient forklift maintenance and repair services at Fairchild Equipment. Contact us to book forklift and boom truck services today.


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