Automation continues to impact the way industries conduct their operations, and material handling is no exception. Equipment such as robotic forklift trucks, automated pallet shuttle systems and vertical lift modules (VLMs) can increase efficiency and reduce costs in all types of warehousing operations.

As an expert in automated material handling, Fairchild Equipment offers the latest, most advanced warehouse automation solutions. While we provide comprehensive solutions like automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous forklifts and robotic cleaning equipment, we also offer a customer-focused business approach to seamlessly integrate robotics into your existing processes.

Hyster robotic reach truck and Yale robotic pallet truck.

What Are the Benefits of Automation for Your Warehouse?

Material handling operations are discovering the advantages of using autonomous forklift equipment and other robotic solutions. Material handling robotics influences several aspects of your operation, from employee satisfaction and warehouse organization to customer experience. Automated material handling equipment can:

  • Increase warehouse throughput
  • Reduce human error
  • Minimize manual labor and associated costs
  • Improve productivity and operational efficiency
  • Refine inventory control, data accuracy and analysis
  • Enhance customer experience and satisfaction
  • Promote workplace safety practices
  • Elevate employee satisfaction and workplace morale

Automated Material Handling Solutions From Fairchild Equipment

Material handling automation takes many forms. At Fairchild Equipment, we offer a wide range of robotics solutions, whether you’re looking for an autonomous forklift robot or custom conveyors. Our automation equipment includes:

  • Robotic forklift trucks: As an authorized dealer of Hyster and Yale robotics, Fairchild Equipment offers a range of innovative automated forklifts. Yale and Hyster robots provide manual and automatic operating modes for complete flexibility, allowing you to use warehouse resources more effectively.
  • Automatic guided vehicles: These machines move loads along the warehouse floor without a driver. With an AGV, your operation can keep various processes moving with less manual labor.
  • Static picking: Shelving and static picking solutions improve your operation’s efficiency by reducing the time spent picking items for packaging. Focus your team’s energy on processing and packaging, while static pickers handle the rest.
  • Pallet shuttles: Load and retrieve pallets with automated shuttles. These machines are accurate and fast to ensure your operation runs smoothly around the clock.
  • Vertical lift modules:These warehouse storage systems can organize materials and optimize space without the need for manual labor. Use these with pallet shuttles for complete autonomous storage.
  • Conveyors: Our custom handling systems can create conveyor systems, live roller setups, mini-load systems and more to keep your workspace organized and secure.

In addition to automated material handling systems, our autonomous cleaning equipment keeps your warehouse clear of unwanted materials, so teams can work more efficiently throughout the day.

Advance Liberty SC60 cleaning warehouse floors.

Why Partner With Fairchild Equipment for Warehouse Automation Solutions?

Since our founding in 1985, Fairchild Equipment has grown to become one of the premier material handling equipment providers in the Midwest. Our autonomous material handling solutions are a prime example of our commitment to offering innovative solutions that meet our customers’ current and future equipment needs.

We always make customer service a top priority. Our team is happy to evaluate your current warehouse storage solutions and processes and make recommendations to enhance your operating processes, increase productivity and reduce costs. We also provide training to ensure you can use your equipment efficiently and safely.

Learn More About the Benefits of Material Handling Automation

Discover the advantages of incorporating autonomous forklifts and other robotic solutions into your material handling operation. Contact Fairchild Equipment for additional product and pricing information today. Call us at (844) 432-4724 or submit our online contact form for a quick response.


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