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Equipment Categories


Equipment Categories

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Mahindra Compact 1626 Utility Tractor, bucket raised.

Mahindra 1626 HST Tractor

Mahindra 1635 Compact Utility Tractor with cab parked in open grass field.

Mahindra 1635 HST Cab Tractor

Mahindra 1635 Compact Utility Tractor with backhoe attachment.

Mahindra 1635 HST Tractor

Mahindra 1640 compact utility tractor; cab doors open.

Mahindra 1640 HST Cab Tractor

Front of Mahindra 1640 compact utility tractor.

Mahindra 1640 HST Tractor

Mahindra 2638 cab compact utility tractor with auger attachment.

Mahindra 2638 HST Cab Tractor

Mahindra 2638 compact utility tractor; bucket raised.

Mahindra 2638 HST Tractor

Mahindra 2660 compact utility tractor with cab.

Mahindra 2660 HST Cab Tractor

Mahindra 2660-2670 compact utility tractor.

Mahindra 2660 HST Tractor

Mahindra 2670 with cab in open field.

Mahindra 2670 PST Cab Tractor

Mahindra 6065 utility tractor with cab.

Mahindra 6065 PST 4WD Cab Tractor

Mahindra 6065 utility tractor.

Mahindra 6065 PST 4WD Tractor

Mahindra Tractors for Sale

We’re proud to carry durable, dependable Mahindra tractors designed for numerous construction and agriculture applications. These machines exhibit outstanding performance, durability and user-friendly operation.

When you come to us to purchase a new or used Mahindra tractor, you’ll find all of the following equipment options:

  • Sub-compact tractors
  • Powershift transmission tractors
  • Hydrostat tractors
  • Cab tractors
  • Four-wheel drive tractors

Mahindra Tractors for Rent

If you’re looking for a short-term equipment solution, we also carry Mahindra tractor rentals. When you rent tractors instead of buying them, you save money by reducing repair, maintenance, transportation and storage costs while taking advantage of some of the industry’s latest technologies.

Whether you’re taking on a one-time project, have an application-specific need or simply want to try out a new machine before buying it, Fairchild Equipment has a selection of Mahindra tractors for rent that will get the job done.

The Benefits of Mahindra Tractors

Mahindra tractors are known as some of the most reliable in the industry. When you purchase or rent Mahindra tractors from us, you’ll experience all the advantages of this unbeatable brand:

  • Heavy-duty frame: These tractors have heavy-duty frames for increased durability, allowing you to navigate even the most demanding conditions.
  • Enhanced weight: Mahindra tractors have a built-in cast-iron chassis that improves safety, traction and stability by adding weight.
  • Increased lift capacity: With a Mahindra tractor, you’ll experience greater three-point and front-end lift capacities due to its heavy components.
  • Operator comfort: These tractors have ergonomic features like integrated armrests, extra cushioning and retractable seatbelts for maximum comfort.

Find a Mahindra Dealer Near You

Whether you’re looking for a Mahindra compact tractor or cab tractor, Fairchild Equipment can get you the solutions you need. It’s our mission to provide customers with the greatest value for their investments while forming partnerships that last a lifetime.

Contact us online to learn more about our new and used agricultural equipment today.

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