Let us maximize efficiency in your available space by designing it from top to bottom with pallet racking systems, storage and handling systems, and more.

Create the Ideal Warehouse for your Operation with Fairchild Equipment

From high-quality storage units to repair services, Fairchild Equipment is proud to offer our customers an extensive suite of warehouse installation and project management services. Our customizable plans are designed to fit the exact requirements of your business, save you time and money, and allow you to focus on improving your operation. Whether you order one of our products or enlist in our warehouse services, Fairchild Equipment takes care of the entire project from beginning to end.

Racks on saw horses during warehouse installation.

On the product side, once your order is placed, we deliver the equipment to your warehouse where our expert installation team will install it and provide any necessary information or training. Our warehouse services are designed to quickly reduce downtime for your operation and have your floor back to operating at full capacity.

Design a Custom Warehouse with your Planning Team

Our warehouse design services include full planning and storage layout planning to help optimize your operation, save you money, and improve the operational life of your equipment. Our warehouse services start with a consultation. Our team of storage and planning experts meet with you to discuss the strengths of your operation, areas of improvement, your budget, and other factors. Following a full survey and inspection of your warehouse, they will provide you with AutoCAD drawings highlighting the best solutions for your operation.

Design sketch for warehouse layout.

These solutions are designed to not only improve operational efficiency, but also the safety and storage capacity of your warehouse. To learn more, contact your Fairchild Equipment location near you and schedule a consultation today!


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