Our Manufacturers

Hyster logo.


Hyster's commitment to continuous innovation – and to building the toughest lift trucks in the world – means every Hyster lift truck is equipped with features to ensure the highest standards of forklift safety and performance.

Yale Lift Truck Technologies logo.


One of the most trusted brands in the industry, Yale offers an exceptional selection of forklifts with the ergonomic and functional excellence you expect from a leader in materials handling equipment. With design driven by customer needs, Yale forklifts provide an unparalleled balance between performance and energy efficiency.

Logitrans logo.


Logitrans provides the widest product range on the market for skid lifts, walkie stackers, material handling rotators, reel rotators and more. With adjustable work heights, superior maneuverability and abundant safety features you can trust the Logitrans products to provide productivity, efficiency and durability.

JCB logo.


When you purchase your JCB backhoe loader or telehandler, you can be confident that you are making a great investment in your fleet. As the third largest manufacturer of heavy construction equipment in the world, JCB delivers the quality, durability, and versatility you demand from your construction equipment.

Motrec logo.


Built to get the job done, Motrec electric vehicles are designed to handle tough jobs with the highest standards of safety and efficiency in mind. Whether you need to move heavy equipment in difficult environments or just need to transport personnel across your warehouse.

Mahindra Tractors logo.


The tough and durable line of Mahindra farm equipment is designed to do just that. Built to ensure the highest standards of customer satisfaction, Mahindra tractors are the highest selling tractors in the world, and your brand of choice for any farming task.

Genie logo.


Owing to their impeccable design and safety, Genie scissor lifts, articulating lifts, and manually propelled lifts have become the equipment of choice for warehouses and companies for their aerial work platform needs.

JLG logo.


Leveraging the latest technology, JLG provides you with the features you need to stay ahead of the game and tackle any challenge in your warehouse or worksite. In addition to maximizing customer satisfaction, JLG is committed to minimizing the footprint of its aerial work platforms and other access equipment. Environmentally friendly and energy efficient, JLG lifts help you accomplish demanding projects while keeping your business green.

Skyjack logo.


Skyjack manufactures a full range of telehandlers and aerial work platforms. Their line includes vertical mast lifts, scissor lifts, and articulating or telescopic boom lifts.

Landoll logo.


Excellence in customer service starts at the top, and Landoll Corporation has practiced this principle since 1963. By providing effective material handling solutions in the form of reliable, durable, and innovative forklifts and other machinery, Landoll maintains the philosophy that the end-users of their equipment come first.

Drexel logo.


Ideal for narrow aisles, Drexel's uniquely designed forklifts give you four lift trucks in one: conventional counterbalanced, reach truck, sideloader, and turret truck.

Cushman logo.


Versatile utility vehicles are perfect for grounds care, warehouse facilities, and personnel transport. Cushman burden carriers and tuggers are built tough to handle the heaviest loads. Cushman commercial and utility vehicles are designed for heavy-duty materials handling–including tuggers, haulers, and aerial vehicles to get the job done.

Cascade Logo


We know each of our customers has a unique business, which is why we carry Cascade Corporation's versatile line of lift truck attachments, forks, and accessories. We'll work with you to find the attachment that meets the needs of your operation and the specs of your lift truck.

Capacity logo.


Durable, functional, and hard-working, Capacity's line of yard trucks are designed to take care of your facility's heavy transportation. Find your ideal cargo handling solution with on- and off-highway models. Designed to meet the highest requirements of busy warehouses, Capacity yard trucks are built to be durable and cost-efficient.

Advance logo.


Advance commercial floor cleaning equipment has been tidying facilities for over 100 years. From commercial vacuums to industrial sweepers and ride-on scrubbers, Advance sets the industry standard for commercial cleaning equipment.

Rightline logo.


With lift truck attachments for any job, Rightline Equipment helps increase your business's productivity and efficiency. Our diverse selection of clamps, forks, and side shifters will add versatility to your forklift fleet. Durably designed to stand up to the toughest material handling operation, every Rightline product is manufactured to the highest standards.

Bolzoni Auramo logo.


The largest lift truck attachment manufacturer in Europe, Bolzoni's technological research and innovation has been driving the industry for over 70 years. We carry paper roll clamps, carton clamps, rotators, sideshifters, and multi pallet handlers, as well as lift tables to help you transfer heavy loads and raise items more easily.

Taylor-Dunn logo.


The Taylor-Dunn line of industrial personnel carriers, burden carriers, and other utility vehicles offer time-saving personnel transportation for companies on the go. Taylor-Dunn's tough, dependable vehicles are among the industry's most versatile solutions for carrying people, moving material, and towing loads.

Felling Trailers logo.


Felling Trailers are built tough to handle any hauling they need to do. With a variety of drop-deck, gooseneck, tilt, and compact options, you can select the perfect Felling Trailer to suit your material handling and warehouse business. Felling Trailers are known for their quality, durability, and attention to detail. Each trailer is built with top-of-the line materials and designed to reflect the latest in hauling technology.

Columbia logo.


Columbia utility vehicles keep your business on the move. Choose from among various burden carrier models such as the Payloader, the Stockchaser, and the Expediter. Columbia electric personnel carriers and cargo movers shuttle people and goods, saving you time and money. They're durable and reliable with versatile options to meet your needs.

Bendi logo.


Bendi electric and internal combustion forklifts are designed for efficiency and maneuverability, and become even more versatile with a variety of hydraulic attachments. Bendi forklifts and lift trucks are perfect from loading docks to warehouses. With speed and agility, Bendi forklifts maneuver safely in tight spots and narrow aisles.

Long Reach logo.

Long Reach

Long Reach offers a full line of attachments designed to fit almost any forklift truck. Choose from among carton clamps, fork clamps, rotators, and attachment solutions for the paper industry as well as other industries. Long Reach also offers the capability to customize their standard range of products, or offer completely unique, specialized designs.

Star logo.

Star Electric

Boost efficiency and go green with Star Electric Vehicles' plug-in cars. People movers and utility trucks speed up warehousing operations--all with zero emissions. Star Electric Vehicles are built with power, performance, and safety in mind. These low-speed, plug-in cars are street legal, and can go up to 60 miles on a single charge.

Rail King logo.

Rail King

Rail King’s dual-direction cabs and full-width cabs provides you with a convenient and fuel efficient way to haul loads over long distances. Designed to ride smoothly on and off the rail, Rail King railcar movers are equipped with electronic, 4-cycle turbocharged diesel engines to ensure maximum control and comfort.

V. Mariotti logo


Mariotti is committed to delivering forklifts that are safe, durable, reliable, and designed to help you navigate and perform confidently in even the narrowest warehouse aisles. Commit to innovation with Mariotti microlifts today. Mariotti offers several lines of compact forklifts to help tackle specific applications.

Combilift logo


Since its founding in 1998, Combilift has established itself as a leader in material handling innovations. They have helped increase productivity and safety around the world by introducing multi-directional forklifts, side loaders, and other types of application-specific equipment that normal forklifts cannot perform. Utilizing Combilift’s specialty forklifts, operations across the world that handle steel, lumber, building supplies, and other materials that require long load handling solutions have enjoyed improved uptime and increased ROI.

IPC Eagle logo.

IPC Eagle

In 1965, IPC Eagle introduced the first professional-grade floor scrubber to the German market. Through their dedication to innovation, reliability, and quality, they have since grown to be recognized around the world as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment. Today, they are known for creating the best price-conscious walk-behind sweepers and scrubbers on the market.

Donkey Forklifts logo

Donkey Forklifts

Donkey forklifts are renowned for being more than 1,500 pounds lighter than the competition with two deep stacking and variable load spacing. Donkey forklifts feature the patented Donkey Glide System with load dampeners and specialized shock absorbers. In addition to their classic configuration, Donkey also creates the longest standard-reach truck-mounted forklifts in the industry. 

Polaris Commercial Logo

Polaris Commercial

Polaris stands apart from the competition with a versatile line of high-quality breakthrough products. From property maintenance to warehousing to hospitality vehicles and more, Polaris creates purpose-built commercial equipment that pushes the boundaries of innovation no matter the industry. When you invest in Polaris commercial vehicles from Fairchild Equipment, you’re investing in the best durability and versatility on the market.

Blue Giant logo

Blue Giant

Blue Giant pallet trucks and other equipment get your warehouse working productively while keeping workers safe from injuries. Transport your heavy cargo with ease using a Blue Giant machine. Their lightweight, durable, and ergonomic trucks and other equipment will add innovation, improved productivity, and reduced operating costs to your fleet.

Kodiak logo.


Kodiak Cleaning Equipment offers commercial-grade cleaning machinery to scrub your facility’s floor thoroughly. Fairchild Equipment is a proud partner of this industry leader, selling new and used Kodiak models, accessories and components at our various locations. Leverage the power of Kodiak Cleaning Equipment to rid your surface areas of dirt and grime and leave them looking pristine.


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