Today, businesses depend on their fleets and operators to perform reliably and consistently to produce profits. But what many warehouse managers and construction business owners don’t consider is how they’re measuring those metrics may not return the most accurate results. Telemetry for forklift fleets and construction equipment can take objective measurements and produce actionable data to improve efficiency, minimize downtime, and ultimately increase profits.

What is Telemetry and What Does It Measure?

Telemetry, also called telematics, is a form of fleet management that utilizes trackers installed on forklifts, construction equipment, and other types of equipment for access control and to help ensure OSHA compliance. The data is communicated over wi-fi, cellular, radio, GPS, and other wireless mediums allowing users to access the dashboard from anywhere with the appropriate receiver. The dashboard presents the data in an intuitive, easy-to-understand way for warehouse managers. Some of the metrics telematics report on include

  • Electronic OSHA checklist
  • Hourly costs per unit
  • Hour meter usage
  • Impact sensing
  • Planned maintenance intervals
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Individual truck and employee tracking

What are the Benefits of Using Telemetry for Forklifts?

Forklift telemetry produces accurate, objective reports on accidents and impacts. Instead of relying on manually gathered data or in-person reports, telematics allows for automated reporting that doesn’t rely on staff. This frees up more time for forklift drivers to do what they do best rather than spending it filling reports. Telemetry can also remotely alert warehouse managers and even the dealership about forklift error codes and battery errors to help troubleshoot and resolve them to minimize costly downtime.

For forklift batteries, Hyster Battery Tracker & Yale Battery Vision can extend truck and battery life by taking the guesswork out of when is the best time to recharge and replace batteries, reducing overall cost of ownership. Altogether, these will help you eliminate unnecessary expenditures and increase return on investment (ROI). Hyster Tracker and Yale Vision are available in three levels depending on your needs, and our specialists make it as quick and easy as possible for you with turnkey installation services and training for managers and drivers alike.

Telemetry for Construction Equipment

Construction operations can benefit from using telemetry as well. JCB LiveLink can provide fleet management capabilities, increased uptime, and security for your complete range of construction equipment. LiveLink can be installed on excavators, wheel loaders, telehandlers, and more to give you complete coverage of your fleet.

Monitor and manage your fleet remotely from anywhere in the world with insights into improved maintenance planning, optimized uptime, and better security. Reduce overall cost of ownership and get the maximum return on investment with fuel consumption, idle monitoring, and service alerts. Geofencing and operational curfews help keep your fleet safe and secure, and allow you to respond quickly if a machine needs to be recovered. Generators can also be remotely managed to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing downtime and running costs. Contact us today to learn how JCB LiveLink can improve your business.

Safety, Compliance, and Efficiency

Telemetry has further benefits to directly help operators and business owners alike. Our telemetry systems can help ensure that your operation is compliant with OSHA requirements. Only operators with proper licensing are able to access equipment, and each driver’s license can be tracked so that they know when to renew. Digital pre-shift and post-shift checklists can help ensure that operators are complying with OSHA requirements and regulations.

In the event of an accident, impact cameras can offer instant replays connected to operator information to identify misuse and unsafe operation. Load sensing can improve efficiency by tracking productive hours to make better use of each truck. Impact cameras are a known way to create a safer environment and reduce costs related to product and equipment damages.

How to Get Started With Telemetric Fleet Management

It’s easy to get started using telematics to improve your fleet management with these systems, each of which can supplement each other for maximum benefits. Integration into any existing fleet is hassle-free by being easy to install on any forklift or piece of construction equipment and able to report data to computers, laptops, tablets, and even phones. Telemetry systems allow you to track your fleet’s performance and your business’ spending on a granular level, providing key insights you can turn into tangible profits.


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