When necessary, companies rely on short/long-term forklift rentals for their material handling needs.

Whether you have a seasonal increase of product flow or you need a quick replacement due to a forklift breakdown during your busiest timeframe, you’ll find all of your lift truck rental needs here at Fairchild Equipment. As a distributor of Hyster and Yale forklifts, we’ve got you covered with the most efficient, productive and innovative solutions on the market.  No matter what the application is, we have the right rental solution for you.

Forklift Rentals in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Forklifts, also known as lift trucks, are the workhorses of the material handling industry. These industrial vehicles lift and transport heavy loads across worksites using a two-pronged forked attachment at the front of the machine. Lift trucks are also capable of traveling long distances across outdoor work sites. Their compact size, low-height lifting capabilities and efficient operation make this equipment ideal for warehouses, factories, and other workplaces that require frequent heavy material movement.

When you invest in forklift rentals from a trusted provider near you, you can boost performance and productivity on the job site without overextending your budget. Lift truck rentals are ideal for minimizing physical labor, reducing material transportation times and navigating narrow spaces in the workplace, resulting in greater overall efficiency. 

yale erp030-040vt

Rent Warehouse Equipment, Forklifts and Material Handling Equipment On-Demand

Renting warehouse equipment or forklifts provides a perfect on-demand solution for your material handling needs. When you have a temporary project that requires expensive, specialized equipment you’ll only use once, renting can be an inexpensive option. 

Renting for seasonal work is a benefit if you don’t want to store expensive machinery for months without use, or if you have an unexpected equipment breakdown and don’t want to lose momentum, renting a temporary replacement unit is a great interim solution. Renting also provides the ability to test out the product before purchasing it, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your business needs.

Being attentive to quality and safety is our top priority, so you know you’ll be getting a well-maintained late model or newer equipment that’s reliable and efficient. We know that forklifts are important equipment to keep your warehouse, distribution center or logistics operation running efficiently. Whether you need a lift truck for loading, moving, picking or product storage solutions, it’s important to have rental equipment you can rely on. 

Turn to Fairchild Equipment for a comprehensive equipment lineup that will check all your boxes. We’ve got you covered with the most efficient, productive and innovative solutions on the market.

Warehouse Equipment Rental Benefits

When you invest in forklift rental services from Fairchild Equipment, you’ll experience power and performance like never before. Though purchasing equipment for your facility has its perks, renting heavy machinery enables you to enjoy many benefits you won’t get with owned machines, including:

  • Flexible payment terms: Daily, weekly, monthly and long-term plans are available based on your individual needs.
  • Large rental fleet: You’ll have access to machines from HysterYale and other top brands.
  • Various engine options: We carry both internal combustion (IC) and electric options.
  • Minimized cash flow demands: You can better keep up with growing industry demands by renting additional machines for your fleet.
  • No risk of unnecessary investments: With rental machines, you won’t get stuck with unwanted equipment you won’t use.
  • Training options: At Fairchild Equipment, we have operator training available for all warehouse equipment rentals and purchases.
  • Application-specific function: You can rent specific equipment to tackle unique projects and applications with optimal efficiency.
  • Storage savings: With rental machines, you won’t have to spend your hard-earned cash on equipment storage.
  • Zero maintenance needs: We will maintain your forklifts for you during your term, eliminating service costs.
  • Up-to-date technologies: Renting allows you to use the latest equipment without paying new equipment prices.
  • No impact from depreciation: Equipment depreciation will never impact your company with rental machines.

Available Material Handling Equipment for Rent

At Fairchild Equipment, we carry a comprehensive selection of warehouse equipment like forklift rentals for customers across the Midwest region, including Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. When you come to us, you can choose from our vast inventory of high-performing rental machines, including:

  • Aerial lift equipment (scissor lifts and boom lifts).
  • Forklifts and attachments.
  • Utility vehicles (burden carriers and personnel carriers).
  • Electric, four-wheel, sit-down forklifts.
  • Electric, three-wheel, stand-up forklifts.
  • Electric walk-behind pallet trucks.
  • High-capacity lift trucks.
  • LP, four-wheel, sit-down, cushion tire forklifts.
  • LP, four-wheel, sit-down, pneumatic tire forklifts.
hyster h40-60xt

Are you in need of a narrow-aisle forklift to navigate confined spaces?

Looking for an aerial lift to access heights, a pallet jack to move inventory, a narrow-aisle forklift for navigating high-density warehouses or forklift attachments for towing? Fairchild Equipment carries an array of specialized equipment to maintain a smooth workflow. Plus, we deliver competitive rental rates to ensure you find a solution that maximizes your team’s capabilities. You can find our dealerships in Ham Lake, Grand Rapids, Duluth, and Bloomington, Minnesota. And our Wisconsin locations include Green Bay, Stevens Point, Beloit, Menomonee Falls and Marinette. 

Combilift AC Electric Aisle Master lifting a pallet of goods off a warehouse pallet rack.

If you’re not sure exactly what you need, don’t worry. Our on-hand rental experts will help you identify what type of equipment will work best in your application. Contact our local rental experts today for personalized assistance. You can also book forklift safety training to ensure that your employees can safely operate equipment on the worksite.


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