An optimally designed storage and retrieval system is the key to the success of any warehouse operation. Fairchild Equipment is an expert integrator and supplier of advanced pallet racking systems for the world’s finest manufacturers. We tailor our solutions for a broad selection of pallet options to ensure the right fit for our customers.

Are you looking for pallet racking and warehouse storage solutions in the Midwest region? Contact our experts today about having racking designed for your specific application.

Why Pallet Racking?

With the right pallet racking setup, you can make the most of limited storage space in your facility. Maximize your storage capacity and make it faster and easier for your employees to retrieve goods. You will get orders out the door more quickly and provide more efficient service to your customers.

While you may be tempted to repair your existing pallet racking system, a new pallet racking setup can result in much more for your return on investment (ROI). Fairchild Equipment specializes in pallet storage systems for long-term use. As your operation grows, we expand our solutions with you.

Fairchild Equipment: Trusted Warehouse Racking Experts

Warehouse aisle with racks storing boxes of product.

The experts at Fairchild Equipment will help identify the best storage system for the volume of goods you move and the kinds of material handling equipment you utilize in your fleet. We offer turnkey pallet racking system sales and services, from wire mesh decking to complete pallet flow system installation. Our custom pallet racking and storage also includes competitive proposal options, layout and design, and project management services. We are a one-stop shop for your pallet racking equipment requirements. 

Our pallet racking system design and installation expertise is unmatched in our industrial market area. Fairchild Equipment will accurately diagnose your material handling needs to determine the appropriate application of selective, drive-in, push-back, pallet flow, mobile aisle and automated shuttle style racking systems. Whether your tasks require wide-aisle, very-narrow-aisle (VNA), high-capacity automated storage options or any of the other solutions we offer, we will steer you in the right direction to help you maximize efficiency.

Choose From a Wide Range of Pallet Racking Equipment

You’ll find many types of pallet racking and storage solutions at Fairchild Equipment, including:

  • Cantilever: These systems consist of vertical columns with horizontal arms projecting from their base in single-sided and dual-sided configurations for extra support. Arrange these cantilever systems with awnings for outside storage if needed and store long, oddly shaped materials such as lumber, piping, tubing, drywall, desks and couches.
  • Case-flow: A case-flow is a highly flexible picking system designed for broken pallet and case picking. These systems install at a slight pitch to separate picking and replenishing processes, and they are scalable vertically as your operation grows.
  • Drive-in: This pallet racking setup enables efficient storage of high volumes of similar-sized loads. They include horizontal rails that can accommodate multiple loads deep and various heights to accommodate partial or full truckload batch picks. The system works well for fast-moving items, as the first load in the lane is also the last one out.
  • Pallet flow: Also known as gravity flow, this warehouse racking system stores pallets on wheeled racks or gravity-driven conveyors with speed-controlled rollers for easy, efficient movement. The lanes feature a slight pitch, enabling multiple-depth storage and loading from one aisle and unloading from another.
  • Stackable: This stackable, open-or-closed-sided container supports greater flexibility for non-rigid crushable and oddly shaped materials. These assemblies can be configured to fit into pallet racking systems, and they offer picking abilities from any location for any situation. 
  • Automated: An automated storage and retrieval system uses an unattended stacker crane or similar vehicle to place and remove loads from the racks. This equipment can help warehousing operations reduce their labor costs while increasing productivity, efficiency and storage density.
  • Selective: This most commonly used racking system enables workers to choose any load. Selective pallet racking systems can perform this action without moving or disrupting other pallets in the system. Arrange selective pallet racking equipment for deep reach applications to increase storage density.
  • Push-back: A push-back system consists of a single loading and unloading area at the front of the structure. The forklift operator makes room for a new load by “pushing” existing pallets to the back of the structure.
  • Shuttle: This semi-automated storage system uses an autonomous shuttle to carry loads and store them on the racks. Semi-automated equipment has several benefits for your facility, such as increasing storage density and efficiency.

What to Consider When Choosing Warehouse Racking Equipment

Factors that can impact the best pallet racking for your operations include:

  • Product type: Assess the products you typically store in your facility. You can categorize these items based on their weight, density, shelf life and frequency of delivery. 
  • Cost: Your company’s budget will directly affect your choice of pallet rack equipment. Bear in mind that spending a little extra on high-quality storage systems can save money in the long run, as you won’t need to replace them as often. 
  • Adaptability: Your product mix is likely to change as your business evolves. Choose racking equipment you can modify to meet your ongoing needs by making slight, relatively simple adjustments. We recognize your need to scale and function well into the future — return the cost of your investment multiple times over with storage systems that grow with you.
  • Strength: Collapsing racks are a leading cause of accidents in a warehouse environment. Select equipment that can bear the weight of the products you store and withstand the rigors of heavy use. Add pallet rack guards to help safeguard racks, and your investment in them, by protecting them from damage.  
  • Truck type: The interaction between your fork truck and racking equipment influences the safety of your system and the value of your investment. For example, order pickers are well-suited for broken pallet picking and case-flow replenishment, while reach trucks offer speed and deep reach with a narrow-aisle configuration.

Contact Us for Pallet Racking Equipment Near You

The warehouse racking experts at Fairchild Equipment are ready to help you select the right pallet rack equipment for your applications and budget. We are proud to serve areas throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northern Illinois, North Dakota and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Call us at 844-432-4724 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.


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