Safety is critical in warehouse environments. You can prevent injury and avoid product loss by using the right equipment and practices. Fairchild Equipment offers warehouse safety solutions for businesses in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, northern Illinois and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Browse our warehouse safety equipment online today. 

Benefits of Warehouse Safety Equipment

Creating a safer workplace will benefit your company and workforce in many ways.

Employee walking through a telescoping safety gate.

Protect Workers

A warehouse is a hazardous environment. One mistake can put an employee out of work for weeks or longer, and your business may be financially liable for workplace injuries. The right safety equipment can mitigate injury risks, protecting your staff and company.

Reduce Costs

A workplace accident may leave your company responsible for injury payments, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) fees and product damages. Warehouse safety equipment prevents incidents that put employees and merchandise at risk. The amount you will save by mitigating risk is well worth the investment.

Hyster Reaction showing the forklift operator that another employee moving a pallet jack is in close range behind the forklift.
Savety Yellow collision awareness products and rails.

Reduce Downtime

When a workplace incident occurs, everything stops. Your staff has to pause what they’re doing to wait for cleanup, repairs and medical response. Purchasing warehouse safety equipment reduces the frequency of accidents and limits the scope of those that do occur. Proper safety gear will help your staff maintain their workflow and return to work faster after an incident.

Increase Productivity

Your staff will accomplish more when firing on all cylinders. Using warehouse safety equipment helps workers find their stride and maintain it without disruption. Plus, your team will work with greater confidence and determination knowing their safety equipment will protect them.

Yale Reliant slowing the truck down at a warehouse aisle intersection.

Our Warehouse Safety Products

We carry numerous types of equipment that make warehouse floors safer. Work with Fairchild Equipment to purchase everything on your warehouse safety equipment list:

  • Guard Rail Systems: Protect employees, merchandise and machinery from collisions with forklifts and pallet jacks.
  • Safety Cages: Establish a durable but transparent wire or nylon barrier over entryways to protect personnel entering the floor from traffic.
  • Pallet Racking Protection: Choose from various pallet rack safety solutions like post protectors, corner deflectors, pallet guides and pallet stops.
  • Protective Railings: Line mezzanines, stairways and balconies with sturdy metal railings.
  • Collision Warning Systems: Install visual warning systems that signal when a collision is imminent. We carry collision warning alarms from premier brands like Sentry Pro, Holland Vision Systems and Blaxtair.
  • Proximity Detection: Integrate safety technology that engages when objects or pedestrians are within range. We carry operator assistance tools like Yale Reliant and Hyster Reaction.
  • Pallet Racking Systems: Optimize storage space with rugged pallet racking systems with the strength and protective features to prevent merchandise from collapsing.
  • Storage and Handling Systems: Promote mobility and visibility on your warehouse floor by choosing a handling system that maximizes your available storage space.
  • Ergonomic Products: Reduce strain and injuries by providing comfortable productivity solutions like lift tables, turn tables and workbenches.
  • Mezzanines: Install a custom mezzanine platform to add workspace above the hazards on the warehouse floor.
  • Cleaning Equipment: Improve traction on the warehouse floor with cleaning machines that improve traction and remove contaminants.

Our Warehouse Safety Services

Safety is more than equipment — it’s a culture and a system. Maintaining a safe warehouse is an ongoing effort that requires a solid base and a regular checkup routine. Fairchild Equipment offers services that help warehouse management establish and perpetuate safe workplaces:

  • Safety training: We offer forklift safety training and lift truck certification courses from our facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our training sessions are available to operators at every skill level.
  • Rack repair: We repair warehouse racks to ensure shelf stability. Repairing your racks prevents collapses to mitigate injury risk and maintain uptime.
  • Forklift repair and maintenance: Work-ready forklifts boost productivity and reduce workplace risk. Fairchild Equipment repairs forklifts in your area. We’re proud to maintain a 90% first-time fix rate.
  • Telemetry: Telemetry is a service that optimizes warehouse workflow while contributing to OSHA compliance. Our telemetry experts will equip your forklifts with fleet management devices that communicate wireless signals, enabling acute safety monitoring and assessment.
  • Safety inspections: Proactive safety prevents injuries while saving time and money. We offer complimentary safety inspections with trained professionals. Our experts will visit your facility to pinpoint safety concerns and recommend solutions.

Improve Warehouse Safety With Fairchild Equipment 

Warehouse safety tools reduce the risk of costly workplace incidents. You can find a wide range of safety equipment through Fairchild Equipment. We carry safety products and provide safety services that protect workers, boost productivity and reduce costs. For more on our safety products and services, contact us online today!


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