We’ll come audit your facility and collaborate on designing a high-efficiency warehouse to better meet your business goals.

No-Cost Warehouse Efficiency Audit

Fairchild Equipment will make a no-cost visit to your operation to perform a basic review of current pallet storage systems, picking operations, and material flow to increase efficiency and throughput, as well as to help with planning for future growth. Together, we can create basic concepting and idea plans to execute to improve your warehouse.

Laptop and computer monitor showing warehouse design and planning program.

Storage & Handling Design Systems Study

For warehouse managers seeking a more in-depth study, Fairchild Equipment can perform a detailed study of your operation. We provide analyses of order velocity reports, inbound and outbound shipment details, and other operational flow studies. We summarize all the available data to identify how to better design the operation for more efficient storage and handling technologies. Contact us today about providing a no-obligation estimate.

SSI Schaefer pallet shuttle systems.

Hyster & Yale Robotics Solutions Studies

Basic Review: Fairchild Equipment warehouse specialists visit a customer’s site to gather pertinent details about the operation, their goals and objectives, and content to determine needs and return on investment (ROI) qualifications for robotic fork truck (AGV) applications.

Design Study – When a qualified need is identified and vetted by the customer, Fairchild Equipment, and HYG Robotics, a proposal will be submitted to visit the customer’s site to do an in-depth analysis of the operation to design the elements of the new automated system. Following the audit, we will create a complete scope and sequence of operations that defines the implementation plan of a Robotic Fork Truck System. This will require the involvement from both Fairchild Equipment and Hyster-Yale Manufacturing Engineering personnel working together to create the best system for your operation.


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