Add automated pallet shuttle systems to your warehouse facility to maximize space, improve efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

Pallet Shuttle Systems from Fairchild Equipment

Fairchild Equipment proudly offers Pallet Shuttle automated storage and retrieval systems. These omni-directional systems will revolutionize the manufacturing, food and beverage, cold storage and warehousing industries. By leveraging computer-controlled retrieval systems, warehouses can automatically place and retrieve loads with precision, accuracy and speed. Fully and semi-automated pallet shuttle systems can be installed in new facilities, implemented alongside racking systems or can even replace existing selective or drive-in racking depending on the operation’s needs and application.

pallet shuttle racking systems being installed inside warehouse.

Contact your nearest Fairchild Equipment dealership today to learn more about how your business would benefit from becoming automated.

Benefits of Using Automated Pallet Shuttles

Improve uptime, increase safety, and lower operational costs by automating your warehouse with pallet shuttles. Pallet shuttles dramatically increase space efficiency and promote warehouse safety. The pallet shuttle system can reduce the need for warehouse aisles, dramatically increasing available cubic space to allow for more product to be stored on-site. Outfitting a warehouse with pallet shuttles not only improves inventory tracking, it also minimizes accidents by removing manual labor from the inventory retrieval process.

Racking Installation from Fairchild Equipment

Fairchild Equipment offers turnkey installation services for these products, meaning that we will come to your facility, custom design a pallet shuttle system optimized for your exact layout, install it, and train your staff on how to properly use it for the best results.

Improve Warehouse Efficiency with Pallet Shuttle System Retrofits

You don’t have to gut your existing warehouse in order to add a pallet shuttle system to it. Our specialists can examine your current design and find a way to integrate a pallet shuttle system into it to help you improve throughput and overall efficiency. Whether you have pallet racks, a narrow aisle design, mezzanines with conveyor systems, or any other storage system configuration, we will be able to accommodate for that and build a computerized pallet shuttle system that will improve your operation’s uptime.

Build New Pallet Shuttle Systems

Whether you’re building a brand new warehouse or renovating a part of your existing facility and want to have automated pallet shuttle systems built in, we can help. As part of our warehouse design services, we can look at the facility and work with your team to find the ideal setup for your application. If you want a new area built utilizing pallet shuttle systems, we can design a high density storage solution specifically for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to speak with one of our warehouse design and installation experts to get started.

SSI Schaefer pallet shuttle systems.


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