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Since its founding in 1998, Combilift has established itself as a leader in material handling innovations. They have helped increase productivity and safety around the world by introducing multi-directional forklifts, side loaders, and other types of application-specific equipment that normal forklifts cannot perform. Utilizing Combilift’s specialty forklifts, operations across the world that handle steel, lumber, building supplies, and other materials that require long load handling solutions have enjoyed improved uptime and increased ROI.


Here at Fairchild Equipment, our locations in the Wisconsin and Minnesota area are proud to carry Combilift specialty forklifts including multi-directional forklifts, sideloaders, straddle carriers, and pedestrian stackers. No matter how large of a business you are or how much warehouse space you have, our extensive inventory of Combilift optimization solutions is sure to have an equipment solution to improve efficiency, safety, and organization for your facilities. Whether you seek a multi-directional forklift with easy maneuverability for narrow aisles or a big truck or specialized forklift long load hauler for heavier undertakings, our Combilift selection is sure to provide you with tough, reliable solutions.

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  • Used Equipment
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  • Multi-directional and articulated travel, making it easy to fit a long load through a narrow space

  • Cab design that provides excellent visibility at all times

  • Diesel, electric and gas-powered engine options to adapt to any environment

  • Built using only the highest quality standard components to last in even the most challenging environments

  • Only essential electronic components are used, making it easy to maintain and extend the operational lifespan

  • Simple design and readily available components to minimize downtime

  • Superior comfort and practicality for the operator

  • Can include heating, ventilation, air conditioning, a sound system and even USB ports for a safe and enjoyable operator experience


3 Wheel Electric High Capacity
Internal Combustion Narrow Aisle
Order Picker Pallet Movers
Reach Truck

Construction & Ag

Rough Terrain


Fairchild Equipment offers a wide array of machines that are friendly to a wider range of budgets and equipment needs, and the Combilifts we have on site are no exception! We offer new and used Combilift specialized forklifts for sale to help you achieve your business goals no matter your application. We’re committed to helping you find the right equipment for the right price; start searching our new and used inventory online before visiting us to find your hauling, carrying, and lifting solution in person.


If your budget does not allow for purchasing a new or used Combilift forklift, or if you’re looking to fulfill a one-off contract, then consider a short or long term forklift rental from Fairchild Equipment to fulfill your needs. Easy customer access to our equipment is a top priority, and a rental is a great way to get your hands on a multi-directional forklift or sideloader. Get the job done and give our team in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Upper Michigan, or Northern Illinois a call to arrange your next equipment rental today!


At Fairchild Equipment, we not only carry a full lineup of Combilift specialty forklifts, but we also offer ongoing maintenance and repair to keep your equipment running its finest. You can count on us to provide your specialty forklift or long load hauler with proper service so you can continue maneuvering through narrow aisles and carrying loads across your facilities. It’s important to schedule routine service to keep all machinery running at peak performance and extend its lifespan. Our certified technicians and genuine manufacturer parts and attachments make for a service department you can count on; schedule a service or repair appointment for your forklift or truck through any of our Fairchild Equipment locations over the phone today!