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Forklift Robotics… Not Just a Concept

Robotic cars aren't the only hot topic commodity on the market. Forklift Robotcs are here and we're ready to take you through some of the technology.

Forklift Robotics

We're seeing so many new technologies unfold before us like the self-driving cars that are navigating the busiest streets in the world. But it's not just for cars anymore; Forklift Robotics are here and we're ready to take you through some of the technology. Among the many innovations that have been unveiled in the last year, robotics and self-driven forklifts is no longer just a concept but a reality. We can thank the need for increasing demand and faster delivery times for this shift in innovations. It’s all about efficiency and that’s what you’re going to find with the newly released tow tractor and end rider from Yale’s Driven by Balyo.

Key Takeaways

Yale’s Driven by Balyo can help you by automating repetitive picking tasks. This in turn frees up workers whose time might be better served in alternative valuable roles. By automating, we’re going to help you reduce operating costs, increase operational efficiency and minimize damaged goods and accidents.

How Do Robotic Forklifts Work?

What seems like a complex idea has become simple. At this time, robotic lift trucks are currently only available with a couple models from the Yale lineup that include the Yale MPE080-VG end rider and the Yale MO70T tow tractor. In the right environment, the Driven by Balyo technology combines smooth movement, controlled acceleration and speed, structural features such as walls/building columns or racks and self-locates and navigates loads through your operation.

Driven by Balyo has the flexibility to be tailored to your operational needs in addition to being able to interface with a wide-range of operating systems. So, if you’re looking to employ a single robotic lift truck or an entire fleet, we can help you achieve your goals, obtain greater load movement visibility with increased accuracy.

Why is a Robotic Forklift Right for Me?

It’s all about your bottom line and you’ll see that robotic forklifts can help you lower your operating costs, improve labor productivity and reduce product damages and accidents. And Driven by Balyo is no-hassle when it comes to changes in demand. Creating or modifying driving paths is simple and can be completed quickly, which means a shift to accommodate changes in the physical environment or seasonal demands is easy. Additionally, if you need to switch from an automated mode to manual control it’s the touch of a button.

So, join the lift truck revolution and ask us today how you can start implementing robotic lift trucks in your operation. We can coexist with robotics, and we’ll call it cobotics. 


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