Forklifts, teleskid, boom lift, utility vehicle and floor scrubber with text "Top rental equipment safety tips".

Top Safety Considerations When Renting Industrial Equipment

Safely Solving Capacity Constraints with Rental Industrial Equipment A great many businesses operate on a peak-and-valley basis, where their workload varies between busy peaks separated by slow valleys. Seasonal businesses…

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Hyster Reaction Operator Assist Technology.

Improving Warehouse Safety using Forklift Operator-Assist Systems

As we enter the National Safety Month of June, we’d like to motivate ourselves and our community to face the safety challenges that cause us all to lose sleep at…

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Hyster H155FT forklift in lumberyard with text that says "OSHA GUIDELINES FOR FORKLIFT SAFETY TRAINING".

Forklift Safety Training – A Three-Party Responsibility

OSHA Guidelines for Forklift Safety Training Forklift training can be a confusing topic at first blush. Most distribution and manufacturing professionals generally understand that OSHA – the United States Occupational…

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Technician watering a lead-acid battery.

Lead-Acid Battery Maintenance in Material Handling Equipment

As an experienced provider of material handling equipment and service, we receive inquiries about proper forklift maintenance daily. Questions span all varieties of lifts and applications, but one topic seems…

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Advance SC5000 ride-on scrubber in a warehouse with selective racking. Text "Create your warehouse deep cleaning plan".

When to Deep Clean and Sanitize Your Warehouse

Managing Warehouse Cleanliness  We love to discuss warehouse cleanliness with our customers, as environmental quality control concerns can be some of the most prolific yet easily solvable challenges found in…

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Check boxes and check marks over a Fairchild Technician servicing a Hyster forklift truck wearing PPE.

Forklift Maintenance Checklist

Forklift maintenance has become an increasingly popular topic in recent years, generally aimed at extending the useful life of industrial equipment farther into the future. A very useful tool to…

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How to Know if You Should Replace or Repair a Forklift

How to Know if You Should Replace or Repair a Forklift  

A forklift in need of repairs does not operate as efficiently as one that does not. The decision of whether to fix a broken lift truck or replace it is…

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Warehouse racks: Protect your racks with Fairchild Systems.

Rack Safety: What to look for and how to ensure your operation is running as safe as possible.

As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, warehouse racking will take a beating. Forklift impacts, environmental corrosion, pallet wear – all of these normal bumps and bruises present supply…

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Your partner in cleaning: operator cleaning work area with Nilfisk Advance S2 industrial vacuum.

Managing Dust in a Warehouse 

Warehouse spaces get dirty – it’s a fact of life in the supply chain world. Managing indoor warehouse environments is an increasingly demanding prospect, while volume, traffic, and product complexities…

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Hyster N40Zr lifting boxes onto shelf.

Hidden Forklift Hazards

For employees who work on or around forklifts as part of their daily jobs, hazards can be found virtually everywhere.  A large chunk of standard forklift operator safety training is…

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technician performing preventative maintenance on a hyster walkie pallet truck.

Benefits of a Forklift Preventative Maintenance Program

If you own or rent a forklift in your business, you understand that these pieces of equipment need active maintenance and service to stay running efficiently.  However, you might not…

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Advance Liberty SC60 cleaning warehouse floors without an operator.

5 Advantages of a Warehouse Floor Cleaning Machine

Keeping your place of business neat and tidy can be a daunting task, especially if you’re pushing around more than just papers and memos all day.   A warehousing environment does not lend itself to the white glove treatment….

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