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Smart Fleet

Is your forklift fleet operating as efficiently as it could? Our Smart Fleet services can help lower overall costs and improve uptime.


Precision Fleet Management For Maximum ROI

ROI is what separates the major league players from the small time operations. Maximizing throughput, reducing costs to free up budget for more important allocations, and minimizing downtime all allow material handling and storage operations to thrive and grow their business. But how do they gather the necessary data to make these optimizations? Through precision forklift fleet management like Fairchild Equipment’s Smart Fleet software.

Fleet Management Software Tailored To Your Unique Needs

Fairchild Equipment’s Smart Fleet software allows business owners to track key ownership and operational metrics while simultaneously eliminating the guesswork on how to leverage that data via sophisticated notification systems designed to reduce costs and improve productivity. Our Smart Fleet software gathers and processes data related to service work orders, sales, parts, and rentals to provide owners information about cost per year, month, hour for each unit, and suggests what they need and don't need to help them make better use of their budget. These notification systems are tied to important data points and can alert operators and business owners about hour meters, misuse and abuse, when maintenance is needed, and more via email. Understand how much is being spent on tires, rentals, hourly running costs, service needs, and more without spending time or resources trying to figure it out manually. Curious about any truck in particular? Scan it with a phone to view all historical information gathered on it to see how you can reduce unnecessary expenditures and increase profits with it.

Eliminate Unnecessary Expenditures To Save Money

Our Smart Fleet software tracks costs per unit and can visualize the data for the entire fleet, department, and location. This way, utilization, parts, labor costs, and rentals can all be analyzed to identify where money can be saved and how equipment can be used more efficiently. By analyzing utilization, we can advise on how to ensure that the fleet is the right size for your operation, resulting in improved ROI and maximized efficiency. The software will also minimize downtime by submitting a request for service only once it’s needed on a particular machine to help plan for equipment shortages and eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs. Contact your nearest Fairchild Equipment dealership today to speak with one of our fleet management specialists about getting your fleet set up for maximum performance and cost savings.