For years, Fairchild Equipment has worked with schools around Wisconsin to shine more awareness on technical skilled jobs in the material handling industry.

This article was originally published in The MHEDA Journal: Members Give Back

Fairchild believes that students should get exposure to technical and specialized career opportunities as early as middle school. Although Fairchild works with schools of all levels, Waukesha Community Technical College in Waukesha, Wisconsin, has been a strategic partner for years. Together, WCTC and Fairchild were the first partnership to offer the Certified Forklift Technician Certification and continue to spread awareness in the community today.

The partnership between WCTC and Fairchild is unique because both are committed to each other’s success and Fairchild has gone above-and-beyond to help WCTC students and instructors. Currently, there are a few WCTC graduates working at Fairchild, and those graduates regularly visit the college to explain how their career progressed after graduation. In addition to being a Premier Partner of WCTC, Fairchild will donate forklifts and provide fully equipped service vans to display to students.

The CFT Certification was eye opening to students who already had backgrounds in automotive, hydraulics, diesel etc. and lucrative for Fairchild’s recruitment strategy. It is important that the CFT is mutually beneficial because it helps WCTC place students in the promising careers that exploit their skill sets.

WCTC and Fairchild were instrumental in creating the Certified Forklift Technician Certification, with WCTC being the first school to pilot the course and recruit technicians. Together they will continue offering the CFT Certification and give students the opportunity to start a career as a forklift technician. With Fairchild’s dedication to their community, they are serving the greater good of the material handling industry.

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