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You can take the manual labor out of material handling with a heavy-duty forklift in your fleet. These compact yet powerful machines make raising and transporting heavy loads faster and more efficient than ever, helping companies maximize productivity on the worksite.

If you’re looking for reliable forklift dealers in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest, Fairchild Equipment is your solution. We have Hyster and Yale forklifts for sale, along with high-quality machinery from other reliable name brands that customers trust. We’re proud to be a one-stop shop for material handling equipment, forklift rentalsparts and services in the Midwest.

Forklifts for Sale From Leading Brands

Forklifts are material handling equipment designed to lift and move heavy materials across job sites. These compact machines feature a two-pronged forked attachment on the front of the vehicle that raises and lowers to elevate loads to the proper height. Forklifts have the power and endurance to travel across long distances, making them ideally suited for warehouses, factories and other worksites with frequent heavy lifting and transportation needs.

At Fairchild Equipment, we have HysterYaleCombiliftMariottiLandollDrexelBendi and Donkey forklifts for sale that set the standard for quality and performance. We carry numerous three- and four-wheel lift truck models with load capacities ranging from 1,500 to 80,000 pounds. Choose from the following configurations based on your application needs:

Benefits of Heavy-Duty Forklifts

When you purchase a high-performing forklift for your industrial facility, you’ll experience all the following advantages:

  • Enhanced safety: Forklifts were created to eliminate the need for risky load-lifting techniques, using design and manufacturing advancements and innovative safety features to minimize workplace injuries.
  • High maneuverability: Because forklifts are one of the most compact drivable machines, they can access narrow, hard-to-reach areas that larger equipment cannot. They also have exceptional maneuverability that enables them to make tight, precise turns.
  • Increased productivity: Lift trucks eliminate the need for manual labor, minimizing the time it takes to transport materials and maximizing efficiency.
  • Reduced emissions: Electric and hydrogen forklifts are designed to release minimal emissions, improving air quality.
  • Fuel efficiency: Forklifts — especially electric models — are highly fuel-efficient, helping companies cut down on fuel costs.

Find Electric Forklifts for Sale at Fairchild Equipment Today

You can find robust and reliable LPG and electric forklifts for sale near you at Fairchild Equipment. As your trusted forklift dealers for Hyster, Yale and other leading brands, it’s our goal to help your company improve productivity, efficiency and safety on the worksite while minimizing operating costs. We also offer forklift safety training to help companies earn their Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certifications and teach their employees to operate equipment safely.

Contact us to learn more about our new forklift trucks for sale today!

Yale Reach Truck with Yale Reliant visuals. Text "When Operators Slip UP, technology steps in. Support best practices"