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Hyster Forklifts E80-120XN



Make Hyster Forklifts
Model E80-120XN
Type 4 Wheel Electric

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AC Electric Advantage for Heavy Duty Applications

Hyster® E80-120XN series trucks do the heavy lifting with ease — up to 12,000
pound — so your operators can be more productive and you can maximize your ROI.

We talked with customers and operators in automotive, paper and manufacturing industries, along with our designers and engineers, and went to work making our trucks more comfortable, more durable and more efficient than ever.

Our electric E80-120XN series trucks meet the same high-performance standards as our counterbalanced ICE trucks in regards to acceleration, speed control and load-lift abilities. They also offer a lower operating cost, along with zero emissions. Power-assisted braking means improved brake life and reduces operator braking efforts by 40 percent. Plus, with Hyster Company’s automatic park brake—which no other manufacturer offers—your operators can save significant time.

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