Warehouse of the Future: Innovations in Facility Efficiency, Safety, and Material Handling Technologies. Bloomington, MN, Wednesday, June 14, 2023.


Innovations in Facility Efficiency, Safety & Material Handling Technologies

Like many industries, the warehousing industry is going through a period of tremendous change. Tight labor markets and a rise in consumerism are prompting many warehouses to look at opportunities to increase inventory capacity and streamline operations. With the new technologies available, warehouses today can transform how they operate to increase efficiency and productivity.

Learn About Warehousing Innovations

Come to our Bloomington Warehouse of the Future event to learn more about the transformative solutions available that could help improve efficiency and safety in your operation and enjoy lunch while you’re here.

What you’ll learn at the event:

Facility Innovations

  • How to transform underutilized space into useable SKU storage.
  • How to increase efficiency and accuracy with layer picking systems.
  • Ask a facility design expert your storage and material flow questions.
Zone picking in a warehouse.
Warehouse pallet stops and rack deflectors.

Safety Innovations

  • See top safety products like beam pallet stops, guard rails and collision awareness devices to help protect employees, products and machinery from impact.
  • Learn about carton clamp, paper roll clamp and multi-pallet handler attachment safety and innovations.

Material Handling TechnologyMariotti ME AC forklift outdoors, mast lifted.

  • See pedestrian walkie stackers and forklifts able to maneuver easily in areas with tight racking and narrow aisles widths.
  • What your return on investment (ROI) could be with lithium-ion forklift batteries.
  • How robotic lift trucks and tow tractors can ease operator burden and automate low level picking and material transport.
  • How automatic level control technology uses an electric sensor to maintain an ergonomically correct working height as material is loaded and unloaded.
Fairchild service technician repairing Yale forklift. Smart fleet data visual.

Fleet Management

  • How to manage your fleet costs and ensure you have the right fleet size.
  • How to determine whether you should buy or rent equipment
  • Ask an experienced technician any of your material handling equipment maintenance questions.

Register to join us to learn more about transformative storage and materials handling solutions to help improve your operations.


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Date & Time
Wednesday, June 14, 2023
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

2000 W 94th St.
Bloomington, MN 55431


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