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Mezzanines & Platforms

Instead of paying to expand your building, utilize vertical space to add profitable square footage to your facility.

Multipurpose warehouse mezzanine.

Warehouse Mezzanines Improve Efficiency

Are you using your warehouse space as efficiently as you could be? Mezzanines and platforms can help optimize space usage in your facility to help you get the best possible ROI. Instead of expanding your building to add usable square footage, make profitable use of the existing vertical space in your facility. By expanding vertically, mezzanines allow you to add more pallet racking,  automated handling systems, or a variety of other warehouse solutions. Our industrial mezzanines come complete with stair systems, access gates, safety features such as rails, and custom color schemes. Make the most out of your investment with a custom warehouse mezzanine from Fairchild Equipment.

In plant office mezzanine

Custom Mezzanine Platforms

Create space for whatever your needs are with a raised platform. We can design, create, and install mezzanines suited for exactly your application. Industrial mezzanines aren’t just for warehouses: they can be used for fitness centers, retail stores, garages, grow-ops, and more. But if you’re seeking to automate your warehouse, adding a mezzanine is a must. Mezzanines can help you take your warehouse or distribution center to the next level by creating a framework capable of supporting automation solutions such as pick modules and conveyor systems. Contact us today to speak with a specialist about designing a mezzanine for your operation.