Forklift Safety is an Everyday Priority

At Fairchild Equipment, safety is a top priority. With Safety Always as one of our core values, we’re here to help you create a safer work environment. From downloadable safety posters to advanced training programs and insightful blog posts, we provide the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure the well-being of your team.

Complimentary Forklift Safety Posters

Hyster Forklift Safety Posters

Keep safety top of mind in your facility with these downloadable Hyster safety posters designed to promote awareness and adherence to safety protocols.

Hyster Forklift Safety poster.

Forklift Safety Tips

English | Spanish

Hyster Pedestrian Safety poster.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

English | Spanish

Hyster Battery Safety poster.

Power Source Safety Tips


Yale Forklift Safety Posters

Enhance your workplace safety with our downloadable Yale safety posters. Available in both English and Spanish, these posters focus on key lift truck safety practices.

Yale Forklift Safety poster.

Forklift Safety Tips

English | Spanish

Yale Pedestrian Safety poster.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

English | Spanish

Forklift Safety Training

Proper training is crucial for maintaining a safe working environment. Our forklift safety training programs are tailored to meet industry standards and ensure your team is well-prepared.

Hyster J60XNL forklift with operator.

Forklift Safety Guides

Here at Fairchild Equipment, we believe that knowledge is the key to safety. Our forklift safety guides provide you with in-depth information on essential topics related to forklift operation and maintenance. Whether you’re looking to implement advanced operator-assist systems, enhance your training programs, or maintain your equipment effectively, our blog’s guides offer valuable insights and practical advice. Explore these guides below to learn more and ensure the highest safety standards in your operations.

Hyster forklift lifting lumber with text "OSHA GUIDELINES FOR FORKLIFT SAFETY TRAINING"

Forklift Safety Training Guidelines

Understand the shared responsibilities in forklift safety training among employers, operators, and trainers.

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Hyster reach truck lifting pallet onto racking.

Hidden Forklift Hazards

Keep employees safe by identifying and mitigating less obvious hazards associated with forklift operations in your workplace.

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Technician repairing lift truck.

Forklift Maintenance Checklist

Access a comprehensive checklist to ensure regular and thorough maintenance of your forklifts.

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Hyster Reaction Operator Assist Technology.

Operator Assist Systems

Check out our guide to learn how operator-assist systems can reinforce safe forklift operating practices to significantly boost safety in your warehouse.

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Certified forklift technician scanning Hyster forklift.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Learn about the advantages of implementing a preventative maintenance program to keep your forklifts running efficiently and safely.

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Forklift battery getting watered.

Lead-Acid Battery Maintenance

Get insights into maintaining lead-acid batteries to maximize their lifespan and performance in your equipment – and ensure safety.

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Savety Yellow collision awareness products and rails.

Warehouse Safety Equipment

Ensure your warehouse is equipped with the best safety equipment. From barriers and guards to warning systems and protective gear, we offer everything you need to create a secure working environment.

Forklift Telemetry

Discover how advanced telemetry technology is revolutionizing forklift safety by providing real-time monitoring and interventions to prevent accidents and enhance operator performance.

Hyster forklift demonstrating Telemetry technology and solutions.

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