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Hydrogen Fuel Cell power is a new technology in the Material Handling Industry that will help your operation run as efficiently as possible with a lot less headaches. This has many benefits and positive effects on the overall performance of your forklift operations.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells – The Future is Here

We live in a World where Sustainability and Green Initiatives are becoming a vital part of operating a successful business. Corporate America is being forced to adopt sustainable technologies that will help shape how The World can and needs to change for future generations to come. Trillions of dollars are being spent within governments across the globe to change how we do business. Are you paying attention?  

What if we can offer a technology that not only helps save The World, but also helps your business operations run at maximum productivity and save you money in the meantime?  

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Forklifts Will Affect the Material Handling Industry

Hydrogen Fuel Cell power is a new technology in the Material Handling Industry that will help your operation run as efficiently as possible with a lot less headaches.  A hydrogen fuel cell converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity with water vapor being the only by-product. This has many benefits and positive effects on the overall performance of your forklift operations including:

  • Eliminates costly time swapping/charging batteries – Maximum Productivity
  • Eliminates battery/charging areas in your facility – Increases Warehouse Space
  • Eliminates operator negligence charging batteries – Less headaches
  • Eliminates Battery Asset Management – Space and Operations
  • Eliminates LP Emissions Indoors – Corporate Liability
  • Reduces your carbon footprint – Energy – Sustainability Initiative
  • Creates a safer workplace environment – Eliminates Corporate Liabilities and Worker’s Comp Claims
  • Holy grail of Sustainable Products – 55% of the World’s CO2 Emissions are due to Coal-Fired Power Plants and Business Logistics – Hydrogen Fuel Cells impact both sectors.

Hydrogen fuel cells are termed “The Best of Both Worlds” because they’re capable of producing the power of an internal combustion engine combined with the easy re-fueling of a gas vehicle. Additionally fuel cells act as a battery replacement with Zero emissions by matching the same size, weight, connections, and voltage as a battery would. 20% of the fortune 100 companies in America are utilizing hydrogen fuel cell forklifts in their business operations today.  We expect 100% of the fortune 100 to be utilizing hydrogen fuel cells for their material handling needs by 2025. 

Why is this happening? 

Because this is the way The World is changing. Hydrogen Fuel Cells have the capability to not only power forklifts, but will also power Semi-Trucks, Airplanes, Boats, Trains, and Cars. The only way we can make an impact on our planet is with the help of successful businesses that want to help change The World with us. Hydrogen fuel cells start now! 

Stay tuned as we introduce Hydrogen Fuel. Is hydrogen the fuel of the future? Hydrogen highways are coming a lot sooner than you think they are.


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