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Why Renting Equipment in Winter Makes Sense - Materials Handling Sector

Influx of Products in the Warehouse During the Holidays

While the holiday music is blaring in the retail stores saying “it’s the most wonderful time of the year,” you’re hustling in the warehouse moving and storing the extra products coming and going for the holiday season. In the material handling industry, this may very well be known as the season of stress. For the majority of warehouse and distribution applications, there indefinitely will be an influx in the products that are moved and stored.

When materials handling operations experience an influx in the products that are moved and stored, the operation might not be capable of handling the increase with its current fleet. We’re here to walk through a few options that can aid this temporary spike in operation without making you lose efficiency.

Rent Equipment:

It seems like the obvious solutions to the equation. That’s because it’s the easiest and most cost effective. Renting additional forklifts for special seasons like the holidays or harvest can take some of the worry away. Always make sure to rent equipment from a capable source that provides quality equipment that is regularly serviced and maintained. This may seem like a no brainer, but in order to run efficiently and maintain productivity, you’ll need equipment that can handle the application without unexpectedly breaking down or isn’t equipped to handle the capacity of the project.

The great thing about renting equipment is it can be tailored to your timing needs. Whatever time of year and whatever timeframe the project lasts. Renting equipment generally is negotiated for daily, weekly, monthly or long-term periods. Making rental your best choice to maintain productivity and efficiency without tearing a hole in your business’ wallet.

Service & Repair

Alright, you might be asking how servicing your equipment will help during the high peak seasons? It’s rather simple; when equipment is properly maintained it will perform at its best. If you don’t plan on renting additional equipment to aid during your busy season, an effort to make sure that you don’t lose productivity or efficiency can become important on the equipment currently being operated.

Step one: make sure that any equipment that is in need of a repair is serviced by a certified technician. According to OSHA standard 1910.178(g)(1), “Any power-operated industrial truck not in safe operating condition shall be removed from service. All repairs shall be made by authorized personnel.”1 In other words, get the repairs or service completed as soon as possible. That way, you can minimize downtime or interruption in operation as little as possible.

Step two: Don’t just repair equipment when needed – routinely service your equipment. Just like a car, a well-oiled machine works better in the short and long-term. Routinely maintaining fluid levels and inspecting the elements will help make sure the equipment runs efficiently as well as identify needed repairs before they become a large issue.

Step Three: optimize your flow to make sure that you can continue to operate with efficiency and productivity while using your current fleet. Having a prepared plan ahead of time will allow you to assess your operation to make sure the fleet can handle the influx while fulfilling quotas.

Finance Options

Renting is a great solution for temporary needs for seasonal or one-time projects. However, your business may be continuing to operate after the season or project is complete at a higher pace. The business may want to think about permanently adding equipment to the fleet, but it can be a costly investment when buying equipment.

The benefits of leasing can help a business in a multitude of ways. With plenty of leasing options, businesses can operate with affordable and effective plans. Leasing can give you financial flexibility and allow you to re-invest in your business as needed, lower overall fleet costs, adapt to current needs, right size your fleet, and provide flexible payment terms, tailor payments to business cycles and more.2

Are You Ready?

So, ask yourself, are you ready to handle the extra workload this year? For some, this is routine and you know the drill. For others, this is completely new. Whether you’re seasoned or just starting out, we are here to help.

At Fairchild Equipment, you can come to expect a level of expertise that surpasses expectations. Our representatives will be able to meet with you to identify the appropriate needs for your application in regular season and in times of influx or special projects. Make sure to contact your area aftermarket representative or a rental equipment expert today by email or calling 844-432-4724. 




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