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What You Need To Know About Winterizing Your Construction Equipment

Making Pre-Winter Equipment Prep a Routine

Here’s the scoop; It’s very important to prepare your construction equipment before winter. It’s a very simple statement, but it is something that can sometimes get pushed off as a non-priority, when in reality equipment service and preparation should be routine in fall before the winter weather sets in as well as in the spring before the busy season begins. Not only is it a best practice to routinely maintain equipment, it’s important to ensure that you are prepping equipment to last through the tough conditions of the Midwest through snow storms and blistering cold weather.

How Can You Prep Equipment For Winter

We know you’re busy all year round, so when winter arrives with snow, it adds another element to your daily tasks. Your operation must continue regardless of the elements. Much like the US Postal Service, you work whether there is rain, sleet, snow or whatever else Mother Nature throws your way. Additionally, snow removal can keep your equipment running frequently in winter in addition to your normal daily tasks. Prepping your construction equipment for winter will help you get your equipment up and running in the freezing temperatures, get your daily work done and move snow with efficiency. 

Bring your equipment to a trusted service provider

By making an appointment with a local service provider, you will be able to enlist the help of a certified technician who can make sure proper fluids are used and at the correct levels. Take advantage of the service technician’s equipment inspections to check the machine for other issues that can be serviced on a single visit. Prevention of equipment breakdowns is essential before the winter months because the last thing you want is your favorite piece of equipment to be out of service when it matters most.

What Will Be Done To Prep Construction Equipment for Winter?

Fluids & Filters: Using the proper fluids that are rated for freezing temperatures will be essential in helping your equipment start-up easy and run at its best in the rough months. Oils, coolants should be rated for the proper temperatures and filters should be checked. Summer months in the hot temperatures can create plenty of dirt and dust in the filters1. Allowing a certified technician to take a look at conditions and replace filters and top off the right fluids can make the winter season just a little easier knowing your equipment is running well.

Battery: Whether you’ll be using your equipment through winter to clear snow, do work or even have stored away because it’s done for the season, battery maintenance or proper storage will help in the long run. Keeping a charged, sealed and clean (clear of debris and rust) battery will help it maintain a solid performance. If you’re not planning on using your construction equipment this winter, make sure to at least remove the battery and store it inside for the season2.

Tires: Hot summer temperatures and many hours of run-time will create extra wear on equipment tires. Checking tires for cracks and debris will help indicate the condition they’re in. Checking air pressure will also ensure that your equipment is operating at the OEMs recommended rating.

Options for Service

Again, it’s important to hire a professional who knows how to properly service construction equipment. When you work with a local service provider, you will receive service from a certified technician who knows the equipment and the industry. In the event that bringing equipment into the local shop isn’t an option, choosing a provider that also offers road service is convenient for you and less disruptive to your operation.

Make fall and spring construction equipment maintenance and preparation a routine habit. Not only are you protecting your equipment from the harsh elements of the winter season, but you’re maintaining the longevity of your equipment health. Make this winter a little more tolerable when your equipment runs properly.

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