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Don’t let repairs or seasonal needs ruin your productivity. We can help you finish the job faster with construction, agricultural, and warehouse equipment rentals in eight Wisconsin and Minnesota cities, including MilwaukeeGreen Bay, and Minneapolis.

Emergency or seasonal occurrences can leave you needing a larger, more diversified fleet, but your productivity doesn’t have to take a hit in the meantime. Our fleet of forklifts, pallet jacks, scissor lifts, aerial work platforms, and other heavy equipment rentals allows you to focus on what’s important—the project at hand.

From specialized equipment like burden carriers to warehouse staples like forklifts, Fairchild rentals ensure that you have every capability you need at your fingertips. By renting high-capacity forklifts, tractors, boom lifts, and more from manufacturers like HysterYale, JCBAdvanceBranson, and Mahindra, you can build out your fleet and not worry about the long-term storage or cost of purchasing and maintaining a rarely-used machine.

    Benefits of renting materials handling equipment:

  • Over 500 rental units

  • Efficiently handle unexpected demands

  • Eliminate downtime during repairs

  • Short-term & long-term rental schedules: rent by day, week, month or rent-to-buy

  • A diversified fleet for special projects or unexpected circumstances

  • Season-specific rentals (snow-moving equipment or harvesting equipment)

  • Access to expert support & service


Warehouse Equipment Rentals

Whether you need pallet jacks to move inventory, forklift attachments for towing, or Skyjack aerial lift rentals so you can reach access the highest shelving, Fairchild carries an array of specialized equipment to maintain an efficient workflow.

Forklift Rentals

Forklifts are a staple in any warehouse. Whether you need a narrow-aisle forklift to navigate confined spaces or a pneumatic tire forklift for rougher terrains, our rental units will keep you and your team operating at full capacity. Browse our inventory of available Hyster and Yale forklifts.

Construction Equipment Rental

Construction sites often face unexpected equipment needs. Should you need Genie aerial lifts to access high ceilings or loaders to move gravel, our construction equipment rentals give you the versatility to get the project done.

Agriculture Equipment Rental

From tillers to help you get the best crop yield to snow removal equipment for unexpected storms, agriculture equipment rentals allow you to build out a diversified, comprehensive fleet without the high cost of long-term storage.

Reach out online by submitting a form or visit one of our locations in the Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Minneapolis areas. See a detailed list of our materials handling rental locations.

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