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Warehouse Design & Planning

Fairchild Equipment offers turn-key warehouse design and planning services to build you an optimized warehouse from the ground up. Contact our experts today to get started.

warehouse design and planning

Warehouse Design Customized For Your Application

Every warehouse has different needs, and in order to compete with the top-performing warehouses, yours will have to be the best. Fairchild Equipment can help analyze your space and the types of products you handle to create the most efficient warehouse possible. From creating racking layouts to programming automated guided vehicles (AGVs), we have you covered with our team of industry experts.

warehouse picking system

Warehouse Storage System Design

In order for a warehouse to have rapid and accurate fulfillment rates, it needs to be designed accordingly. Our team of industry experts can help you create the ideal warehouse for your specific needs. As the material flow specialists, we can find the right layout to maximize uptime with respect to the exact available cubic footage.

warehouse rack with forklift

Turnkey Warehouse Planning Services

Creating the ideal warehouse is a combination of utilizing space and harnessing resources. We can design a wide variety of storage and handling systems, including pallet racking, vertical storage, conveyor systems, and more. Depending on the types of forklifts in your fleet, we can create the ideal drive-in/drive-through racking system for you. Utilize cutting edge systems with our pick modules, robotic forklifts (AGVs), and other carton flow systems. Contact Fairchild Equipment today to schedule a consultation.