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Rack Repair

Accidents happen. But in the material handling industry, accidents that lead to damaged racks can be hugely problematic for the overall operation. Contact us today to have a rack repair specialist sent directly to your site to get your racks back to good as new.

repaired pallet rack

Keep Your Shelving in Top Shape

Just like a broken piece of equipment puts a strain on the rest of the fleet, a damaged pallet rack upright or load beam can have a significant impact on the efficiency of a warehouse’s day-to-day operations. At Fairchild Equipment, we provide rack repair services to reduce downtime, save you money, and keep your customers happy. Our repair services team provide full inspection and repair services, and you can choose from a suite of rack repair products to improve the operational life of your shelving. 

Computer with two monitors showing warehouse design planning process.

Comprehensive Warehouse Solutions from Fairchild Equipment

Rack repair services are just a few of our many warehouse solution offerings. In addition to rack repair services, Fairchild Equipment provides customizable warehouse design to fit the exact requirements of your business. Our warehouse design services include full planning and storage layout planning to help optimize your operation and extend the life of your equipment.

Our warehouse services start with a consultation. Our team of storage and planning experts meet with you to discuss the strengths of your operations, areas of improvement, your budget, and other factors. Following a full survey and inspection of your warehouse, they will provide you with AutoCAD drawings highlighting the best solutions for your operation. These solutions are designed to not only improve operational efficiency, but also enhance the safety and storage capacity of your warehouse. To learn more, contact a Fairchild Equipment location near you and schedule a consultation today!