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Static Picking Systems

Static picking systems can help improve efficiency uptime in your warehouse. Contact our experts today on creating the right picking system for your operation.

Inside a warehouse, two aisles loaded with boxes to show static picking.

Improve the efficiency of your warehouse with a static picking system

A constant challenge of warehouse management, whether your operation is big or small, is maximizing efficiency. Reducing the time between order processing, picking, packaging, and shipping can improve your operation’s profitability and make your customers happier. At Fairchild Equipment, our comprehensive shelving and static picking solutions can help improve the efficiency of your warehouse, increase storage capacity by condensing shelving space, and enhance the safety of your employees.

White design showing warehouse systems design.

Comprehensive Warehouse Solutions from Fairchild Equipment

Static picking systems are one of the many products and services included in our comprehensive suite of warehouse solutions. Fairchild Equipment provides customizable plans to fit the exact requirements of your business. Our warehouse design services include storage layout planning to help optimize your operation, save you money, and improve the operational life of your equipment.

Full-Service Consultations

Our warehouse services start with a consultation. Our team of storage and planning experts meet with you to discuss the material flow within your operation, potential areas of improvement, your budget, and other pertinent factors. Following a full survey and inspection of your warehouse, they will provide you with AutoCAD drawings highlighting the best solutions for your operation. These solutions are designed to not only improve operational efficiency, but also the safety and storage capacity of your warehouse. To learn more, contact a Fairchild Equipment location near you and schedule a consultation today!