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Ergonomic Products

Increase efficiency by improving ergonomics with turn tables, work benches, and more.

warehouse turn tables

Lift Tables & Turntables

Without the proper equipment, your staff can only be so productive no matter how skilled they are. Fairchild Equipment carries a variety of back savers designed to help make transporting heavy loads all day much easier. We have manual, electric, battery-operated, and tilting lift tables to help with moving a variety of goods. For operations that hand wrap pallets, we carry turntables available with a wide range of configurations to meet your specific needs. These include foot pedal-controlled manual turntables, automatic turntables, forklift-ready turntables, and more. Contact us today to find the right tables to improve your operation’s throughput.

warehouse workbench


Ergonomic workbenches are key to upping your staff’s productivity. Whether you’re in assembly, shipping, or any other industry that involves long hours of tedious work, having workbenches that are comfortable to work at and have everything your staff needs within reach has proven to increase efficiency. Capitalize on lean principles in your business to reduce waste and increase profits with the right workbenches from Fairchild Equipment.