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Hyster Forklifts H40-60XT



Make Hyster Forklifts
Model H40-60XT
Type Internal Combustion

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The H40-60XT series, available in 4,000, 5,000 and 6,000 lb. load capacities, is engineered to give you an ideal combination of power, speed and fuel efficiency. From building materials and home centers to agriculture and wholesale and distribution – chances are that this truck will fit into almost any application or industry where you need a hard-working forklift.

Customization that costs you less.

With the economical Hyster XT truck, you’ll get access to the same Hyster® Variable Power Technology™ that’s in our premium Fortis® series. You will be able to run in fuel-efficient mode when production is less demanding, yet switch to a higher performance mode when deadlines are looming.

Invest in durable products that reduce downtime.

You have the opportunity to minimize disruptions and downtime. You can increase your productivity and optimize your existing resources without having to purchase new equipment to meet changing demands.

Everything is tough about the Hyster XT. Except servicing it.

You won’t realize the full benefits of the Hyster XT lift truck until after your first service event experience. That’s when its “cowl-to-counterweight” access and one-piece floorplate reveal other engineering advantages designed to keep your truck, and your operation, running smoothly. Configured so you don’t have to remove the LP tank to open the hood, the Hyster XT series is clearly easier for you to service. 


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