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Yale Forklifts Yale GLP040-070UX Forklifts



Make Yale Forklifts
Model GLP040-070UX
Type Internal Combustion

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Reliable, cost-effective solution to simply, get the job done.

Not all operations require the same lift truck. But the expectation of a trust-worthy, ready-to-go truck remains the same. For the less demanding applications, what if there was a reliable, cost-effective solution to simply, get the job done?

Meet the Yale®GLP040-070UX. This 4,000-7,000lb capacity, internal combustion counterbalanced lift truck provides reliable performance in a value-driven package. Manufactured with robust components, ergonomic features and a maintenance-friendly design, these trucks have been engineered to make lift truck ownership simple, affordable and adaptable to the meet the needs of specific applications—all backed by the trusted Yale name.

Model Model Designation Load Capacity (lbs.) Engine Maximum Travel Speed (mph) Maximum Lift Speed (ft/min)
GLP040UX Internal Combustion Trucks 4000 PSI 2.4L LPG 11.1 103
GLP050UX Internal Combustion Trucks 5000 PSI 2.4L LPG 11.1 103
GLP060UX Internal Combustion Trucks 6000 PSI 2.4L LPG 11.8 85
GLP070UX Internal Combustion Trucks 7000 PSI 2.4L LPG 11.8 71
  • Capacity: 4,000 - 7,000 lbs
  • Max Height: 216
  • Max Weight: 7000 lbs
  • Series Title: GLP040-070UX
  • Type: UX Pneumatic Tire Lift Truck
  • Weight: lbs
  • Hand parking brake lever with button greatly reduces fatigue in operation
  • Yale special display with 3.5” LCD
  • Wide view mast
  • Small diameter steering wheel with adjustable steering column
  • Computer-based diagnostics not required
  • Large foot room on floor plate
  • High strength overhead guard
  • Operator presence system
  • Large access area for service and repairs
  • Meets EPA emissions regulation requirements
  • Dual suspension drivetrain system
  • Exchangeable components across models
  • Hand lever park brake
  • Noise isolation material
  • Low center of gravity
  • Simple components
  • Triplex plate OHG allows easy top canopy replacement
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