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Advance SW900™ Commercial



Make Advance
Model SW900™ Commercial
Type Sweepers/Scrubbers

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The Advance SW900™ walk-behind sweeper efficiently picks up dust and debris whether indoors or outdoors. With the addition of the optional Mix 5 broom (pn 1465216000), operators can easily transition from soft to hard floor applications. The 24 inch main broom and the side broom give operators a full 33 inch cleaning path.

Total control from the operator’s position

• All controls can be accessed from the operator’s position.
• Comfortable to maneuver with ergonomic handlebar.
• New propulsion control bar provides single hand operation.
• Simple controls and security using key switch.

User friendly design

• Single hand hopper removal and transfer.
• Tools-free service of all routine maintenance items.

Higher cleaning performance and productivity

• Fast and effective sweeping with direct throw design.
• Independent side broom controls on handle.
• Side broom combined with wide main broom for edge cleaning and maximum productivity.
• Simple standard manual filter shaker.
• Run time up to 3 hours on a single charge.


  • Energy efficient design for run-times up to 3 hours
  • Rugged impact resistant construction includes holders for cans, bottles and other objects
  • Large capacity hopper is lightweight with durable corrosion proof design
  • Ergonomic, adjustable handle with propulsion control bar to accommodate all users
  • Safety switch de-activates the machine when the hopper is removed
  • Direct throw design for effective sweeping of a wide range of debris