December 6, 2023 – Bloomington, MN, Train The Trainer

This course will provide your trainer with the information needed to train your Powered Industrial Truck operators. It will provide the knowledge required to conduct a Powered Industrial Truck training program that meets the criteria prescribed by OSHA. Training kits can be purchased separately.

Trainer will learn:

  • How to use “Handle With Care” program (not included)
  • Lift truck stability characteristics
  • How to use the stability triangle as a training aid
  • What is required by OSHA regulations
  • How to develop a training program
  • Lift truck identification by class
  • Truck inspections and maintenance procedures

Cost: $500 each

8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

NEW – Operator Training Kit
Videos, certifications and instructor manual for $995

Classes are limited to 10 students and may be cancelled if less than 6 people register. Dates are subject to change. Cancellations must be made at least 10 business days prior to course. Charge of 50% of the course fee will be invoiced for now shows or late cancellations.

This class will be hosted at:
2000 W 94th St.
Bloomington, Minnesota 55431