Spring 2017 brings new and innovative construction equipment. Whether you own or operate a construction company or have a weekend project at your home, we can help you with our impressive full-line of JCB construction equipment.

Well, that time of year is here. Springtime brings many things like rain, flowers, buds on the trees, birds return back from migration and… it’s the start of 2017 construction projects. For some, it may be exciting because you’re breaking ground on a new home or business. For all the rest of us, we hate those annoying yellow and orange barrels, cones and barriers with all the road construction.  However, these are all great projects and seeing orange is a positive sign of good economic growth. 

JCB Construction Equipment

So, you’re probably asking why we are bringing up the topic of construction? It’s very simple; Fairchild Equipment is an authorized distributor of JCB construction equipment and we have a lot of new and innovative equipment that can help you on your next project. We want to partner with you on your next project to bring you better equipment that is efficient, productive and innovative.

Whether you own or operate a construction company or have a weekend project at your home, Fairchild Equipment can help you get your work done. With an impressive full-line of JCB construction or agriculture related equipment, let us help you complete your projects.

Replacing Construction Equipment?

You might be asking, when should I replace or invest in new construction equipment and is it right for me? We can help you answer that question. It’s time to consider investing in a new or used piece of construction equipment if your current equipment is unsafe, inefficient or outdated.

What to consider when investing in new or updated construction equipment:

1. Consider the project need. There are so many different construction project types and what might be right for one may not be right for another. If you’re a construction company who has projects lined up one after another, it only makes sense to have an excavator, skid steer or backhoe year-round. For others, you may only have temporary or one-time projects requiring equipment for earth moving, materials handling or other industrial equipment requirements. In the case of temporary or one-time projects, it may be more beneficial to rent construction equipment and take the hassle out of purchasing.

Download our Home Builders & Landscapers Guide To Construction Equipment displaying helpful equipment details such as specs and applications.

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2. Take into consideration the cost of running your operation. If it’s important to have more efficient equipment which can save time, an upgrade on your equipment will help you save on overall costs for current and future projects. We know construction equipment is a major expense, especially when you’re on a strict budget, but remember there may be construction equipment financing options available that can make the sticker shock a little less stressful.

3. Consider the maintenance cost of your current equipment. If the current equipment is continuously in the shop for repairs or you’re spending money to replace parts, it may be time to consider investing in newer equipment. There’s a beneficial element to purchasing newer equipment and it means you’ll be getting some of the newest technology on the market.

Luckily, Fairchild Equipment is an authorized distributor of JCB construction and agriculture equipment.  Some of the newest technologies and equipment being released are major game-changers. JCB has recently released the industry’s only skid steer/telehandler combination, called the Teleskid. The Teleskid is transforming in construction industry and is helping to complete projects more quickly and efficiently.

Not only is the Teleskid making headlines, but JCB’s new wheeled excavator, the Hydradig, is a marvel and force to be reckoned with. Visibility, stability, mobility and maneuverability are no match to the new Hydradig and we want you to be in the driver’s seat to experience it for yourself.

4. Lastly, ask how safe is your equipment. If there is any question of safety, there’s no other option but to look into new or updated equipment. Safety should always be the highest priority on a worksite, especially when erecting new infrastructure. When you have so many different moving parts and heavy equipment, there should be no question about the safety of your workers and the equipment they operate.

Innovation can be highly beneficial in the safety category as well. Did you know that JCB’s skid steer and Teleskid have a side door entrance? Eliminating hazards or obstacles can make any project safer and easier, so it’s important to invest in equipment that is worthy of satisfying this requirement. 

Spring and summer can be the busiest time of year for construction projects, so don’t get stressed about the equipment – the experts at Fairchild Equipment will take care of you.

Partnership For Your Success

We truly believe in partnerships above all, so we’ll work with you to cover all your equipment needs. It doesn’t just stop at new and used construction equipment for sale; we’ll be there for you to help you maintain and service your equipment routinely or with an unexpected breakdown. Fairchild will make sure that your replacement parts are in-stock or ordered quickly because we know the old saying ‘time is money’ holds true on construction projects. And with an entire comprehensive department dedicated to construction rental equipment we’re ready to work with you on unexpected or one-time projects.

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