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Why Fairchild Equipment?

Fairchild Equipment provides custom warehousing solutions to fit your business needs.  We offer warehouse design and planning services that address your business’s unique challenges.  Our SmartFleet online fleet management tool, options for credit and financing and other productshelp support your ongoing operations. Call us today to explore our warehouse design options, or browse our selection of warehouse equipment now.

  • Safer, more efficient work space

  • Less equipment to maintain

  • Use existing space & labor more effectively

  • Maximize storage capacity

Our Warehouse Solutions

Warehouse Design

Our experts will provide you with warehouse layout design plans that save time, money, and equipment wear and tear. After a complete site survey of your warehouse, our professionals will be able to create comprehensive CAD drawings that focus on the most effective solutions for your location. To start improving safety, efficiency, and storage capacity in your work space, schedule a free consultation today.

More About Warehouse Design
SmartFLEET: Fleet Management Made Easy

Our online fleet management tool gives decision makers real-time information needed to streamline their materials handling equipment.

Linked directly to our Mobile Service Plus (MSP) tablet program, we are now operating more efficiently to contribute live data so you can make necessary analysis and decisions from our fleet management program, SmartFleet.

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