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Taylor-Dunn Equipment

The Taylor-Dunn line of industrial personnel carriers, burden carriers, and other utility vehicles offer time-saving personnel transportation for companies on the go.

  • New Equipment

  • Used Equipment

  • Parts

  • Rental Equipment

  • Service & Maintenance

  • Operator Training

Technology & Features

Taylor-Dunn's tough, dependable vehicles are among the industry's most versatile solutions for carrying people, moving material, and towing loads.
  • Improved productivity

  • High load capacity

  • Cost-effective

  • Safe & efficient

  • Low-maintenance

  • Industrial & commercial use

Services & Offerings with Taylor-Dunn Equipment

Contact Fairchild Equipment today to learn how Taylor-Dunn electric trams, personnel transportation, and tow equipment can save you time and money. These trusted vehicles are an excellent choice for executives, supervisors, security and maintenance teams, and other workers.
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