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Rock The Green & Fairchild Equipment Partner Up To Promote Sustainability

Sustainability is the future and Fairchild Equipment understands it’s responsibility in helping to reduce the global footprint.  That’s why partnering with worthwhile global changers such as Rock the Green is our passion. 

Since its inception in 2011, Rock The Green calls the community to its environmental mission with a world-class sustainability music festival.  Their goal is to provide events with zero waste efforts and educate the community on how to save the planet, one small step at a time. Read more about how to get your tickets and show times here.

What: Rock the Green Music Festival
When: This Saturday, Sep 17th
Where: Located at the Reed Street Yards: S 3rd St & Freshwater Way, Milwaukee, WI 53204.

Some of the festivities include:

Main Stage - World class music from national artists
Pedal-Powered Stage - Featuring local bands
Eco-Kids - Stage and area
Eco-Champs - Non-profit environmental groups, fan engagement and sustainability education
Farm to Fork - Yummy local and organic cuisine

We recognize the importance of sustainability and have our own lines of vehicles and equipment that help to reduce fuel waste and keep our environment clean.  At the music festival, Fairchild sustainability specialist, Bob Mair, will be showcasing the Columbia Summit Utilitruck.  Stop by and check it out! 

The Columbia Summit Utilitruck is street legal and perfect for parks, universities, government facilities, country clubs, and anywhere clean, efficient short distance transportation is needed. With zero emissions the Summit Utilitruck is even friendly to indoor environments. Engineered for safety, every vehicle is equipped with 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, an AC powered drive system, automotive lighting, controls and steering. Perfect way to do our part in keeping green plus a fun way to get around!

Print the coupon for $250.00 off your purchase of selected street legal vehicles – and feel free to contact Bob Mair, Allied Equipment Account Manager, at for more details about your promotion.

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