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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology For Lift Trucks & Where We Fit Into The Big Picture

We’ve talked a bit about the introduction of hydrogen fuel cell powered lift trucks in the past few months. Why you ask? Because we know that hydrogen is the future and it starts with forklifts.

Here’s a little background about hydrogen as a solution

Hyster-Yale Group invested in a turnkey hydrogen solution to provide businesses maximum productivity and clean energy for their material handling operation. With the wealth of knowledge and expertise that Hyster-Yale forklifts have experienced over the course of a lifetime, Nuvera fuel cells complement the lift truck portfolio by adding technology and innovation.

So where does Fairchild Equipment fit into the spectrum?

We are here to deliver innovative solutions that focus on productivity, efficiency, safety and sustainability. Take a look at the behind-the-scenes structure to understand our role.

Nuvera and Hyster/Yale - bringing Hydrogen Fuel to the Forklift Industry

  • If you want on-site hydrogen fuel generation, we have a solution.
  • If you don’t want to invest in hydrogen generation infrastructure, we have a solution.
  • If you want hydrogen fuel cells, but don’t want to convert your entire fleet, we have a solution.
  • If you need a back-up hydrogen fuel source, we have a solution.

High-level solutions are only part of the picture

Offering conveniences such as a single bill can help eliminate some of the hassles of dealing with multiple vendors.  Moreover, we have access to a robust dealer network that can ease headaches when unexpected breakdowns occur. Mainly, we want consumers to know that there are many solutions for their material handling needs, and we are the best resource to help you identify the appropriate equipment that is right for the job.

Battery Replacements with Hydrogen Fuel Cells

If your head isn’t spinning yet from the information overload, we’ll help you breakdown the turnkey hydrogen fuel cell solution:

Even though we’ve successfully placed the fuel cells in lift trucks, it’s still in the infancy stages and developing strongly for the rest of the lift truck classes. Current abilities allow us to place fuel cells in electric, narrow aisle and motorized hand lift trucks.

Currently, Nuvera PowerEdge Fuel Cell is available in 24 volt, 36 volt and 48 volt (Class 1 – 3 battery replacements).  An 80 volt cell is expected to appear later in 2017.

The below illustration identifies the Orion Gen1 battery box replacement solution that is currently in use.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Battery box replacements for forklifts

There are different solutions that can fit a vast array of applications. This allows us to implement the most sensible, optimal and cost effective solution fit for your work environment.

So What’s available today?

  • On-Site Hydrogen Generation from Nuvera (Nuvera’s PowerTap 50).
  • Hydrogen fuel delivery provided by OneH2 (delivered in Gaseous state).
  • High pressure dispensing and telemetry included.
  • High pressure hydrogen storage cylinders.

How does a hydrogen fuel cell work?

There are many components to the fuel cell, so we want to provide as many resources for consumers to understand what goes into a Nuvera battery box system. This diagram helps identify the key components that operate the fuel cell.

Parts of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Converting an electric lift truck to hydrogen couldn’t be easier. A hydrogen fuel cell is matched in size, weight and connections from the lead acid battery being replaced. It is designed to meet or exceed the run-time of the battery being replaced. Fueling is fast, with a full fill to 350 bar* in less than three minutes.

Hydrogen fuel cell history

To give you a full understanding of this process, here’s a bit of information about Nuvera and their endeavor in the hydrogen fuel cell development.

Nuvera has developed fuel cell stacks for motive power since 1993. The company incorporated a rugged metallic cell and open flow field which result in durability, power density, and efficiency. Designed for use in all spectrums of the industry and demanding applications, the Nuvera fuel cell operates at full power in ambient conditions from -20 degrees C to 45 degrees C.

History of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Stay tuned to my hydrogen fuel cell blog as I explore more of the development of Nuvera Fuel Cells in America.

*Bar (unit of measurement). 350 bar = 5,076 psi. 

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